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by: Eleanor Harris
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Nowadays, we can consider online gambling to be one of the most popular and love ways to get a piece of entertainment. Though, let’s be honest, online gaming is not only a way to get a piece of entertainment, it is also an easy to get “not easy” money, as in money of large sums. So, who would not want to earn money while entertaining himself/herself?

You may wonder why a better half of people prefer playing on the Internet when there are so many land-based casinos that operate 24/7 and are ready to welcome you. Honestly, there is not only one reason. The first one lies in the fact that not every single country permits casinos operating which is why they do not have choice and should either move into the Internet world or to close itself for good.

Platinum Play Casino is an online casino that was established in 2003 and is operated by Digimedia, an online betting group who puts out nearly 20 sites that are highly regarded. Punters who play at Platinum Play generally praise it for having excellent management, big jackpot prizes, and a huge gaming library. Platinum Play casino is no exception, although they do their bonuses a little bit differently. First of all, newcomers will be able to use 1,500 free bets as soon as they register their new accounts. Players will have 24 hours to use these free bets and they can keep up to 100 credits in winnings – all they have to do is deposit at least $20. Platinum Play Casino is hosting a promotion that will take winners on the Orient Express. Players are invited to help the detective 47 to solve the. Platinum Play Casino is an excellent place to experience the thrills of online gambling if you seek a safe environment. There are several ways for the casino to achieve this and it employs 128 bit SSL encryption technology, firewalls and other protection measures.

The other reason lies in the fact that not every single player wants to gamble in some land-based institution even if it is permitted by the government of his/her country. A better half of all gamblers prefer playing from home or any other similar/usual place where they feel comfortable. Not all people feel good in unusual place being surrounded by unfamiliar people. So, those people consider online playing as the best alternative option.

The question lies in the following. If there are so many gambling websites on the Web today, how not to make a mistake and make a decision that you will not regret about? Luckily, you have noticed our article. We are the ones who want to help you with this and get you acquainted with one of the leaders in online gaming market of England and all countries of the world.

Yes! We are talking about online casino that carries the name Platinum Play. Today, we are going to get you familiarized with the features of this casino, we are going to tell you the details on the website’s interface, how the whole process works, how to get registered, what games are available, what bonuses can you gain and much more. Are you ready for this?

Make Casino Platinum Play Your Selection

As you might have noticed yourself, the range of old and new casinos on the Internet is huge. Moreover, this range keeps getting bigger. So, the question is how to choose an online website for gambling that will meet all your wishes and needs? Of course, this can be hard, and you will need to read lots of information on different casinos, check their ratings, read reviews and do research, but it is worth it.

We also want to help you by getting your familiarized with our today’s review. We offer to get it all started with the general information details about PlatinumPlay casino. So, this platform was established and launched in the year 2004, as in 15 years ago already. For this time, the casino managed to gain success in this area and in the area of gaining permanent clients. When they visit the website for the first time, they become its permanent fans.

The casino is provided with a huge number of the best games from the leading software provider that is named Microgaming. It has managed to provide this platform with approximately 700 game models.

In 2018, as in 1 year ago, the casino gained a license and documents to it from MGA. As we all know, Maltese law is the authority leader in the world of legit online gaming. The paragraph with the general information should be closed, now we want to tell you everything in details. Go ahead!

Interface of Platinum Play

If you want to know more about the interface of Platinum Play and its functions, it means that you have come to the right place. We are going to show you how the top of the page and the bottom of the page look like. We are going to tell you if it is possible to change the language version of the website, what buttons are there and for what purposes they are used.

The background is one of the very first things that you notice when you go to all websites, including website. Here, the background was made with the help of black, grey and red tones mostly. On the left side, there is a woman displayed. Near the woman, you can see card suits, such as diamonds, hearts, spades and clubs.

In the middle of the top of the page, you can observe the logo of this platform. The word combination “Platinum Play” is colored in black. The word combination “Online Casino” is colored in grey. Between the two combinations, there is a line colored in grey too. On the left side of the logo, there is a casino chip.

Near the logo, you will see two icons. The first one supposes switching to the language version that you want to switch too, and the second one supposes starting the “Login” process. If you take a look on the thing that is put below, you will notice a year of launching the casino, which is 2004.

Also, there is an advertisement that tells about available welcome offer that can bring up to $800. For your comfortability and if you are interested, there is a button “More info” to get acquainted with the terms of getting this welcome offer. Below, there is a line that displays the icons of all companies that work with PlatinumPlay. The website also notifies you about cookies using.

It happens when you want to choose the other option of language version in case you do not understand English or you want to choose another version of English. You can choose one out of three English versions, one version of German, one out of three Spanish versions, one out of two French versions, one out of two Portuguese versions or one version of Hebrew.

If you scroll and get to the bottom of home page, you will notice a couple paragraphs about general information on casino Platinum Play, such as a welcome paragraph, a paragraph about games from Microgaming, a paragraph about promotions and a paragraph about
fairness, safety & security in this casino.

The Registration Operation

If you worry about Platinum Play casino process of registration, you should stop it because the signing up operation will not take much time or efforts here. All you will need to is to open the tab with registration and complete three easy steps. We are going to tell you about each step. Plus, the website notifies you what details you need to include during all time of registering.

So, the first step is aimed at picking your place of residence, whether it is Canada (as it is on the picture), New Zealand or Australia. Find your country in the listing that is presented for choosing the needed option. Plus, you will be obligated to leave your email and come with both username and password. Try to make it strong. Once all fields are fulfilled, click on the red button “Next”.

The second step is aimed at entering your first name and last name. Plus, you will be obligated to pick your birth date (DD/MM/YYYY), your gender (male/female), language version of the site and the currency that you are going to you while gambling with Platinum Play. Once all fields are fulfilled, click on the red button “Next”.

The third (which is also the last step) is aimed at leaving your contact number, leaving your exact address (address line 1 and address line 2). You will need to enter your city, its postcode. You will also be obligated to decide if you want to receive notifications about promotions or not. Plus, you will need to accept the terms, privacy policy and the fact that your age is 18 (or more, of course). Once all fields are fulfilled, click on the red button “Register”.

Gadgets to Gamble With

To gamble with online casino PlatinumPlay, you will not need much. All you will need is a connection to the Internet. What gadgets to use? What gadgets can be used for gambling? This is up to you.

If you want to enjoy big-sized gambling, you should use laptops (devices that can be charged and used for playing in any suitable place after charging) or/and computers (devices that depend on electricity and are used at home, as a rule).

If you want to be able to play whenever (whether it is 11 a.m. or 11 p.m.) and wherever (whether it is home, cafe or shopping mall), playing with mobile phones and tablets will be the perfect option for you. You can play either from the browser directly or in mobile app that you can download from the store.

Games & Its Range

The range of free games that is provided by Microgaming is about 700 models, as it was already mentioned. The games of different types and genres are presented in this flash casino named as Platinum Play. So, let’s see what games can be picked. Let’s review the listing of available filters and sections:

  • “Featured”;
  • “Slots”;
  • “Tables”;
  • “Live Casino”;
  • “Video Poker”;
  • “More Games”.

Did you hear this? Yes, live games are also available on this website. To observe the section “Live Casino”, you will simply need to press this icon. In live mode, you can play card poker, various types of roulette, variations of blackjack, baccarat and other games. Live gaming can be either group or private. We bet you will like it if you have a burning desire to try yourself playing with a real dealer.

Promotions and Bonuses

You will not find a gamer that would not think about bonus offers in the chosen casino on the Internet. They will probably think about if there is a no deposit bonus, for example, or if they can get free spins, if it is a necessity to your promo codes to become the owner of a particular bonus program. Let’s see what we can say about programs of Platinum Play.

The very first thing that you will get an offer of will be a welcome bonus. The casino does not provide a no deposit bonus, but it does provide the other type of welcome bonus. Though, it is not just an advertisement banner that the website uses to attract customers, it is actually an offer that can be profitable for newbies that just registered on

This offer literally tells that the amount of money that you can receive in the end is 800 dollars ($). For this, you will need to make three different deposits. Bonus code is not required. To find out more information and get yourself familiarized with the terms & conditions of this offer, you will need to get to PlatinumPlay official site and go to the sections “Promotions”.

What else promo offers are included into the listing of Platinum Play programs? For example, there are daily/weekly/monthly promotions. Those promotions can give either free spins or/and match bonuses or real prizes, such as tickets for cruise or cars. Those offers can vary, so the best way to make sure that they are valid is going to official site.

To win cruise tickets, you can also make use of the offer names as “The Fortune Lounge Cruise”. This one can get you the opportunity to win not only tickets, but also monetary prize in the amount of 2000 euros (€) or real-world gifts. The casino also include loyalty and VIP program to gain additional presents.

Measures of Security

2020 is the year when there are so many opportunities on the Internet, when there are so many casinos, when there are so many users in those casinos. Of course, the technology process gets higher and higher, but due to this, all casinos, including Platinum Play, need to protect both themselves and their clients.

As the number of appearing casinos gets bigger, the number of Internet frauds get bigger too. They are exactly those from whom personal information should be hidden, which is why the casino uses a lot of security measures to protect its customers from unexpected and unwanted attacks.

One of the most commonly used measures is using SSL-protocol of 128 bit. This is the latest technology that is aimed at encryption the pieces of information of all customers separately. For example, when you share some information details with the chosen casino, this information is delivered to the casino’s administration only and is seen to it only. For the other users, it is encrypted and hidden.

We have noticed it already in the section “Interface of Platinum Play” that the website uses cookies and notifies you about it once you crossed the threshold of the casino’s site. Also, the platform’s administration uses only those pieces of information that you permit to use. This info is used for good purposes only. To go deeper and to find considerable answers, you can pick a section named “Security and Privacy”. There, everything is described in details.

Banking Options

We all know that when a gambler is in deep search for a casino, he/she always pays attention to the listing of available banking options. As a rule, if he/she does not find a suitable banking option (as in, the option that is already used by the customer), he/she will continue looking for a casino leaving the previous one. Nobody wants to deal with an extra headache when it is possible to avoid it.

Luckily, casino named Platinum Play is the one that can provide its precious customers with a spectrum of the most commonly used banking options that are available for committing monetary transfers, such as depositing and withdrawing. So, let’s see what options are present and for what transmissions they can be used (depositing process/withdrawing process):

  • “Visa/MasterCard Credit Card” (this suits for both depositing process and withdrawing process);
  • “Visa Electron Debit Card” (this suits for both depositing process and withdrawing process);
  • “Maestro Debit Card” (this suits for depositing process);
  • “Debit Bank Transfer” (this suits for both depositing process and withdrawing process);
  • “Skrill Web Wallet” (this suits for both depositing process and withdrawing process);
  • “Trustly Bank Transfer” (this suits for depositing process);
  • “Neteller Web Wallet” (this suits for both depositing process and withdrawing process).

Support Center

It happens when the clients are in search for the answers and start worrying about the problem that appears. “No panic!” is the thing that you must always tell yourself in case of emergency. Especially, there can be no panics if it comes to the gambling portal named Platinum Play. In cases of emergencies, you can always get in touch with the staff of this casino, so they could understand what the deal is and how to solve the problem.

To get help, you have four different options. The option number 1 supposes getting in touch with the administration by using live chat that is built inside the website. Once you open it, a new small tab will fulfill your sight. There is also option number 2 that also supposes getting in touch with the administration. The thing is that you will need to do this using email in this case. What about the other options?

Well, option number 3 supposes helping only if your problem lies in forgetting the password. If this is your case, you can click on it and pass all the steps that will be required on the way of recovering your account. The option number 4 supposes getting the answers by checking the section with the name “FAQ”.

Casino Platinum Play Conclusion

It is possible to notice that the article is almost ended, unfortunately or, maybe, fortunately. This is up to you. The main important thing is not that this is the end. The main important thing is that the part with conclusion must be useful and come in handy to you. So, we want to talk about all features of Platinum Play casino one more time, but briefly. This way, it will be easier to make a decision about worthiness of picking this casino.

So, if to talk about the appearance and the easiness of casino’s interface, it should be mentioned that it is easy to navigate here. The pages can be surfed easily and fast, which is important because nobody likes when pages start loading too long. The whole appearance is made with black, red and grey tones mixing it with all types of card suits and suitable icons. If to talk about gadgets that are compatible with this platform, you can use both computers and mobile devices.

If you worried about the operation of registering, you would not worry about it now, would you? We have said that the process takes only 3 steps that are easy and will not take more than five minutes, for example. Plus, you will not get lost in the fields that must be fulfilled as the website notifies you on each step what info you need to leave, include or choose from the listing.

The games are presented in the amount of approximately 700 models here. They are provided from the leader in the direction of casino games software developing. Did you remember who the talk is about? Of course, we are talking about Microgaming. Here, you can play slots and classic games of recorded versions as well as live games that are played in live mode with real croupiers.

If to talk about the part of bonuses and promotions, it is worth saying that welcome bonus in the total amount of 800 dollars ($) can please every newbie on PlatinumPlay. Plus, it is possible to play with loyalty program where it is possible to gain additional points and exchange them into prizes in the future. Also, VIP program, daily/weekly/monthly promos are also included. With the help of the last ones, you can win cruise tickets or/and real-world presents.

Platinum Play Flash Casino

The casino not only entertains its clients, it also protects them from attacks of frauds and other unwanted cases. The safety is guaranteed by taken security measures, such as SSL-protocol, cookies policy and all points of “Privacy Policy” section that you can get yourself familiarized with. Plus, the website uses only reliable and double-checked banking options. If you have any questions on security or other topics, you can check FAQ or contact the staff by email or live chat.

The last thing that we should mention is a necessity. You need to remember that gambling activity must responsible. Otherwise, it is not you who will control gambling, it is gambling that will control you. You need to remember this. So, what else? We wish you to have a good time and to win considerable sums of money. Good luck!

Visit Platinum Play
  • Up to €1000 on first 3 deposits plus 50 Free Spins
  • 18+ only, for new players, see site for T&C.
  • Deposit Methods: CLICK2PAY, EcoCard, EntroPay, InstaDebit, Maestro, Skrill, NETELLER, QuickTender, Solo, Visa, ClickandBuy, eCheck, MasterCard, SEB Pank, Ukash, UseMyBank, Bank Wire Transfer, Cheque, EZIPay.
  • Software:Microgaming.
  • Languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Turkish, Swedish, Finnish, Polish, Portuguese, Korean, Serbian.
  • Extras: No download required, available for mobile devices.
  • Owner: Digimedia Ltd
  • Jurisdiction: Malta.

Platinum Play review

Founded in early 2004, Platinum Play Online Casino was created with the aim of offering a reputable online casino environment where players can enjoy themselves in a safe and secure setting in the privacy of their own homes.

Platinum Play Online Casino has become one of the world’s most entertaining and most trusted online casinos, offering its players some truly sophisticated gaming action.

Feel the thrill of winning massive jackpots, weekly bonuses and promotions from a selection of online slot games, video poker, blackjack, roulette and other casino games. These casino games are available 24 hours a day with more than 400 games to choose from.

Players also have access to the award-winning customer support team, there to help out with any queries and online casino-related problems. Mobile version available!

Platinum Play does not accept players from the following countries: Netherlands Antilles, Kentucky, Delaware, New Jersey, Nevada, Israel, Chile, China, Finland, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, South Africa, United Kingdom, Australia, Turkey, United States.

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