Valley Of Spirits

  1. Prayers Against Spirits Of The Valley ~ By His Kingdom Prophecy
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During the current health emergency Noe Valley Wine & Spirits will only be open for will-call, UPS, and local delivery orders placed via the web at


Since May 28th, we are NOW OPEN for over-the-door sales, and are accepting Google Pay, Apple Pay, swiped/chipped credit cards, Venmo and good old CASH!

Hours for pick-up are Tuesday-Saturday 11a.m.-6p.m.

PLEASE, do your best to limit phone calls to us at this time. We are extremely short-staffed. We miss seeing you dearly, but calls limit our ability to serve you efficiently.

  • The Valley of Spirits is a Troll District in the Orcs capitial city, Orgrimmar. The Valley of Spirits was moved when Garrosh Hellscream took control of Orgrimmar to make way for the Goblin Slums and because of Garrosh's slight dislike for Trolls. The Trolls now have built their houses just up the canyon on the western edge of the city.
  • The Valley of Spirits is the other Corrupted Area, and your first responsibility is to help Zekhan defeat the non-elites he’s fighting. Once you’ve freed him, you gain access to the Valley by defeating the elite Decimator Shiq’voth. Shiq’voth has a charge you can avoid (just side-step it) and an ability called Decimator. This is a bolt of void energy he shoots back and then pulls back in; make sure you don’t get hit by it as it will cost a whopping 120 sanity.

Due to being short-staffed, scheduled delivery within San Francisco city limits is $25 for orders less than $350 until further notice. Scheduled delivery for orders larger than $350 can be arranged at no extra charge.

We have been having some issues with our shopping cart on Apple devices using the Chrome browser. Please use Safari as an alternative; it seems to work better.

Be accurate when entering your address, especially your ZIP code. If the ZIP code entered for your billing address doesn't match what your bank has on file, your transaction will not go through.

So as to protect yourself and NVWS employees we ask that you adhere to the following procedure:

Please knock on the front door from outside the shop. A NVWS employee will locate and carry your order to the front door and hand it to you over the dutch door. We will happily carry out case plus orders to your car if we have enough staff on hand; the best practice here is to let us know you're at the shop, open your trunk and make space, and get back in your car. We'll load your purchase and close the trunk so we can all maintain proper social distance.

Prayers Against Spirits Of The Valley ~ By His Kingdom Prophecy

We are wearing gloves and masks and limiting the handling of bottles while pulling and packing your order; we recommend you take any and all precautions necessary to protect your household from contagion, same as you would with any product or package entering your home that has been handled by others. The current S.I.P. requires that we wear masks, and are required to refuse service so customers who are not wearing one.

The silent, dreaded Valley of Spirits was a forbidden area, where no man had ever dared to tread, until the Mandarin descended into it, uncovering Axonn-Karr's remains and his Makluan Starship. Points of Interest. The Mandarin's Castle; See Also. 9 Appearances of Valley of Spirits; Minor Appearances of Valley of Spirits.

Valley Of Spirits Orgrimmar Map

Thank you for your business in these trying times from Don and the rest of the crew at Noe Valley Wine & Spirits!