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Playtech Deuces wild video poker is a great game, with fun features. The payouts are comparable to other casino software. After a win you get not only the option to double, but also half double. Take a moment to try this free video poker game today, if you like it why not download the software so you can play it anytime. We are finally releasing Video Poker on the PC after its immense popularity. Do you like Jacks or Better or Deuces Wild? Then Video Poker is the game for you. Enjoy the best mobile casino experience today. No need of real money to play! Our game makes you feel at the Casino all day long! Video Poker is a casino game based on fiver card draw poker.

Playtech Deuces wild video poker is a great game, with fun features. The payouts are comparable to other casino software. After a win you get not only the option to double, but also half double. Take a moment to try this free video poker game today, if you like it why not download the software so you can play it anytime.

The object of Deuces Wild is to obtain a five-card poker hand that contains a winning combination. The better your hand, the bigger the payout (see the pay table on the machine).

You choose how many and which of your cards are to be replaced. You may replace your cards only once. In Deuces Wild, the deuces are wild – meaning a deuce (two) stands for any card, like a Joker – hence the name of the game.
How To Play

  • Choose the value of the coins you wish to wager each round, by clicking on the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons.
  • Click ‘Bet One’ or ‘Bet Max’ to select the number of coins you wish to wager. Each click on the ‘Bet One’ button increases your bet by the value of the coin you selected. Pressing ‘Bet Max’ increases your bet to the maximum amount possible – that is five coins – and deals the cards automatically. You can also click the appropriate column on the winnings table to specify your bet size.
  • Click ‘Deal’ (if you did not press ‘Bet Max’).
  • Choose which cards you wish to keep by pressing the ‘Hold’ button underneath the card, or by clicking on the card itself.
  • Click ‘Deal’ to replace the cards that you did not choose to hold.

The lowest winning combination is Three of a Kind;
that is three cards of the same kind
(for example, three Queens).


If you end up with a winning hand, you can accept the win (press ‘Collect’), or you have the option to Double it. Should you choose to Double, the dealer draws an open card and you are given 4 unexposed cards to choose between. If you choose a card that is lower than the dealer’s, you lose your original win. If the cards are equal, it is a tie, and you have the option to collect your original winnings (press ‘Collect’) or Double again. If your card is higher, you win double the amount of your original winnings. You then have the option to collect your winnings or Double even further.

You can also choose to Half Double, which means you only double using half of your winning amount, and deposit the rest into your balance.

In each separate game you are subject to a dynamic Double limit, based on the size of your original win. The maximum amount you will be allowed to double will be displayed in the ‘Double-Up Limit’ box. You will not be allowed to wager any amount greater than the displayed limit.

You can move the Double window (if enabled in the Options) by dragging it with the mouse. Doubling is a separate game round, and can be viewed as such in the Game History.

There are only a handful of opportunities to enjoy the upper hand over the casino and this game provides for one. Coming in a wide variety of paytables, Deuces Wild Poker gives you an edge with right payouts provided you make statistically accurate moves. Since practice makes perfection, this version comes in handy.

While this game revolves around conventional poker rules and a goal to build your best hand by holding proper cards dealt from a single deck and top the dealer, it introduces one slight change: deuces (2s) are wilds!

Otherwise conceived very similar to Jacks or Better, it is the possibility to replace any other card by a deuce and create an instant winning hand that separates Deuces Wild from other poker games.

Naturally, it makes a well-conceived poker strategy more important than ever. In a manner of the true magician, the Wizard of Odds created not one but two options you can utilize.

By perfectly playing the simple strategy on a full pay device, you can expect to have the return in the vicinity of 100.71 percent.

Once you’ve mastered it, you can switch to optimal strategic plan which gives you a potential to return 100.76 percent when executed perfectly on a full pay machine.

Of course…

…the theory will take you only half-way there, but the training empowers you to take the best shot at your chances. Packing all standard features to make your learning or competition sessions more productive, our Online Deuces Wild Poker is here to help you with that!

The 10,000 free credits bankroll and five conventional betting options provide for enough ‘financial’ space to fine-tune and perfect your poker skills on the fly.

Whether you opt to wager on one or five coins — you incrementally control this option by pressing the BET ONE button or by using the BET MAX which instantly set the max bet — your choice is always highlighted on the paytable in the upper part of your screen.

A clear game layout is created to give you the possibility to be focused on your play. Thus, your cards and information strip are right below, with information displayed visibly. In the spirit of the game, deuces (2s) are additionally branded with as WILD symbols.

An intuitive set of controls, neatly positioned at the bottom of your screen, takes a fragment of time to familiarize with.

Both DEAL and DROW buttons navigate you through hands at play, while you hold the best cards by hover-over-and-click which activates the HOLD function.

When you want to up-tempo dealing of cards, you can use the SPEED function and increase or decrease the rhythm of the game.

Finally, if you wish to test your luck and skills in other available variants, you can press the MORE GAMES button and continue playing the new one in the same window.


Such straightforward, smart, and simple user interface, available at any device courtesy of JavaScript, has one purpose only: to increase your overall poker skills and gambling knowledge.

To substantiate the concept — short of detailed overview of numerous Deuces Wild options available nowadays — there is our Personal Game Advisor and your online learning tutor to assist you even further.

This customary built-in feature deploys in two steps.

First off, right above your screen, you’ll notice a “Warn on strategy errors” box. By activating it, you allow for a pop-up window to appear whenever you have a better option (choice) to make in holding your cards. Acting as a free advisor, this option gives you one more chance to make the right call.

Secondly, once your cards are dealt, the ANALYZE button appears on your control strip. By clicking it, you activate a hand analyzer which gives you a full statistical overview of available options based on your hand (it works like a pop-up window, too). You can either click on the proper option (while the software automatically pre-selects you cards) or do it for yourself by using the RETURN TO GAME button.

Suffice it to say…

…our Deuces Wild gives you best of all worlds: it’s a useful tool to enhance your poker knowledge, and yet again entertaining, fun to play, easy-going, exciting, smooth, and yes, highly competitive version of poker!

This is a must-play game regardless of your poker skills. If for no other reason, because our Deuces Wild only requires you to be accompanied by gambling responsibility and great fun is practically guaranteed!

Other certainties are, as always, in the realm of good luck!

If you get a Royal Flush, you will be prompted with a secret word, which you can use to enter my Royal Flush Club.



Natural Royal Flush4000
Four Deuces1000
Wild Royal Flush125
Five of a Kind75
Straight Flush45
Four of a Kind25
Full House15
Three of a Kind5
All Other0

Online Video Poker Bonuses

We have taken great strides in creating an algorithm that helps determine the best video poker bonuses for players to take advantage of online. This bonus table takes into account several factors, including wagering requirements, the amount offered, whether the casino is reputable or not, and more. Based on these criteria, we feel the best video poker bonuses are below.

Double Deuces Wild Video Poker

RankCasino NameBonus%WagerCashCodeCasino NameBonus info
1 Red Stag Casino🧙 $15 - RS15
Red Stag CasinoBonus🧙$15
Wager -
Code RS15
2 King Billy Casino🧙 $100 200% 1000xB
King Billy CasinoBonus🧙$100
% 200%
Wager 1000xB
3 Miami Club Casino🧙 $10 - LCBMIAMI10
Miami Club CasinoBonus🧙$10
Wager -
4 Slots Capital Casino🧙 $10 -
Slots Capital CasinoBonus🧙$10
Wager -
5 Slotland🧙 $66 - FREE66LCBN
Wager -