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The great thing about online casinos coming to Michigan is you will be able to play real money casino games anywhere within the state, so long as you have an internet connection or cell phone signal.

Hollywood Casino. Launching the same day as Parx in July 2019, Hollywood Casino was joint first to market in Pennsylvania. Hollywood’s online casino and mobile app are powered by IGT, an.

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Hollywood Casino. Launching the same day as Parx in July 2019, Hollywood Casino was joint first to market in Pennsylvania. Hollywood’s online casino and mobile app are powered by IGT, an international gaming brand with decades of experience in the industry. That being said, the following is the list of the best online casino mobile apps. This is a big name in the online gambling industry and one of the best casino services available. Every new player gets 20 free spins and the app has a 5.5-star rating. Pure Casino Apps. Top Money offers you a true taste of the popular dollar slots in your hand! The HUGE vegas casino themed slot machine from Mobile Amusements!

That means you don’t have to fight traffic to go to downtown Detroit, and you don’t have to wind your way across the two peninsulas to travel to one of the two dozen tribal casinos.

Instead, you can use your computer, tablet, or smartphone to enjoy all the games Michigan online casinos have to offer. You can play from the privacy of your own home, or wherever you are, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Mobile casino gaming is far and away the most convenient way to enjoy the casino experience and it is easy to get involved with.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about Michigan mobile casinos, from how to get started to details about all the various games available at the state’s mobile casinos and where you can play them.

Online casino apps expected to launch in Michigan

The Michigan Gaming Control Board spent much of 2020 finalizing the rules to govern online gambling and license potential operators. The hope is the first Michigan online casinos can launch by late 2020 or early 2021.

The following list of online gambling operators are eying the Michigan market:

  • Bet MGM Casino: Trusted name in US gaming offering a mobile casino app with a wide selection of jackpot slots and table games.
  • Caesars Casino: Integrated online sportsbook and casino from a veteran gaming entity offering you the chance to earn rewards in one of the industry’s most popular loyalty programs
  • DraftKings Casino: One of the biggest names in sports betting and daily fantasy sports contests offering you a one-stop casino game and sportsbook shop

Getting started: How do I access a mobile casino

Turning your mobile device into a mobile casino is just about as easy as it can get. Simply visit one of the Michigan online casinos with your internet browser and download the casino app to your device.

You can do this with a few screen taps on any Android or iPhone or iPad.

Once Michigan casinos launch, we will make sure to have all the information you need to get the best welcome bonus when you sign up for an account.

Playing casino games on an app is easy by following these four easy steps:

River Mobile Casino App

  1. Access the online casino website
  2. Sign up for an account using our exclusive promo code
  3. Securely deposit funds into your account using one of the many available deposit methods
  4. Browse through the games menu, click the game of your choice, and start playing
Mobile Casino App

For the most part, these apps offer the same account management functionality as the casino’s browser version. However, they may offer a smaller selection of games. The benefits of most real money apps include one-click sign-in and improved game software stability over browsers.

What games can I play on my phone?

The games you’ll find on Michigan online casino apps are generally the same you’ll find on Michigan online casino websites and all of them are online versions of the games you play at brick-and-mortar casinos.

Online casino apps simply bring the games to you instead of you going to them.

  • Mobile slots: Thanks to the popularity of slots, the games take up the most real estate at land-based casinos and the most bandwidth at on the apps as well. While you might not be able to play all of the online slots on the app that you can access through a Michigan online casino website, you can rest assured knowing the most popular slots will be available. The slots you will find are almost always the same as the most popular slots at the land-based casinos. The software is simply hosted by servers online instead of inside a slot cabinet on the casino floor. You should find everything from themed video slots to progressive jackpot slots. The selection will likely continually grow and be updated as interest in online casinos grows throughout the state.
  • Mobile video poker: Most of the video poker games you play at land-based casinos are available online. The simple video poker software is hosted by servers online instead of a video poker machine on the casino floor, but the games are the same. Not every app has every video poker title and most online casinos host just a handful. However, you’re bound to find classics like Jacks or Better, Double Bonus Poker, and Deuces Wild.
  • Mobile blackjack: Blackjack is the most popular table game at Michigan land-based casinos and no online casino or mobile app would be complete without it. The only difference between live blackjack and the game you play on your computer or mobile device is the cards and chips have been traded in for a graphic interface and a random number generator determining the outcome of each hand. The simple graphics make blackjack perfectly suited for mobile devices and many Michigan online casino mobile apps host the most popular variants of blackjack with varying rules. You should be able to play everything from classic eight-deck shoe to player-friendly single-deck versions of the game on your own personal Michigan mobile casino.
  • Mobile roulette: Roulette’s graphics are a little more intricate than blackjack and video poker, making it tough to fit the game onto a mobile app filled with other casino content. It can be downright hard to see the wheel, the ball, and the betting table on a phone screen, though it is not as difficult on a tablet or computer. Regardless, several Michigan online casinos will host versions of the game. Either way, if you’re going to play roulette on your mobile device, look for European mobile roulette with just a single zero. American roulette and its zero and double zero have a higher house edge.
  • Mobile craps: The online and mobile version of craps is the same game you see in brick-and-mortar casinos, minus the social aspects of the game that make it so popular. If you only need one reason to play mobile craps, then consider that online craps is such a great learning tool for the physical game. While hardly suited for mobile devices, you can play an online version alone and at your own pace, making it a great way to learn the intricacies of the game and its unique betting options.
  • Mobile keno: Keno is ideally suited for mobile devices. The graphics and gameplay are as simple as can be. Mobile keno is already available through the Michigan Lottery website and has been since 2014.

Are casino apps better than desktop?

The benefit of mobility aside, one of the biggest advantages of using an app for your online casino enjoyment is that a lot of the games are designed specifically for mobile devices. The software has been streamlined so more and more games fit into mobile apps than ever before.

The benefit of being able to tap into a virtual casino from anywhere within the state of Michigan makes the mobile versions pretty attractive to gamblers. The trend of leaving desktop and laptop computers behind in favor of mobile devices seems to be one that will influenceMichigan’s online casino websites and mobile apps as the industry grows.

Real money vs. free casino games

Most online casinos have demos of the real money casino games they offer, which means you can play for free and use them as learning tools before wagering from your bankroll.

However, you can’t win any money playing demos.

You can also find free-to-play casino apps all over the internet. They offer casino games that look and feel a lot like the real-money games, which is another great way to practice the strategies and gain knowledge to increase your odds of winning when real money is on the line.

If you want to win actual money while playing online, you’ll need to play on legal and regulated online casinos.

Are mobile casino apps safe?

Online gambling has been approved by lawmakers and the industry is regulated by the Michigan Gaming Control Board. Plus, only Detroit and Michigan tribal casinos are licensed to launch online casinos in the state. That means there’s a land-based casino standing behind every mobile casino product.

As long as you stick to these regulated and legal online casinos, you and your money are completely safe. Plus, each site’s security, gameplay, and banking functions are tested regularly by regulators to ensure safety and integrity.

Can I claim a bonus on my phone?

All bonuses advertised by Michigan online casinos are available to you whether you access them on a browser using a mobile device or computer, or directly through a mobile app.

Use our website to find the Michigan online casino you’re interested in playing with. We will provide you with a link to the website and everything required to make sure you get the best bonus you can. This usually includes either an offer & bonus code you can enter when signing up for an account or an affiliate link you can use to register.

As long as you use either our promotional code or our registration link, you’re going to get the best bonus available whether you decide to play on a browser using a mobile device or computer, or with the mobile app.

Wrapping up: Michigan mobile casinos

Mobile gaming is the fastest-growing segment in the online casino industry and it’s easy to see why. Real money casino apps offer an experience equal to or better than traditional online gaming in almost every way.

Developers are working daily to make more casino content streamlined for mobile device users and it’s clear this is where the future of online gambling is headed.

As the first Michigan online casinos prepare to launch, their ongoing commitment to online gaming says more and more that the future is now.

In today’s age, a few mobile casinos have a link to their app (dedicated), while in some other cases, you will be straightaway redirected to their online web application. So, which one do you think is the better option to use?

Honestly, it isn’t that easy to explain as both these options have their advantages and disadvantages for both the players and the company. For analyzing both these points, here is a brief discussion on the significant differences between the native apps and HTML5.

If you are new to the concept of the online or mobile-based casino industry, then Martim Nabeiro –our lead man in the post, will guide you through the impressive world of online casinos, and help you unravel the technical aspects of mobile-based casinos or casinos online. He explains how the lucrative online casino gaming industry in Portugal amounted to around €64.5 Million in a recent survey.

When mobile casinos think about developing their app, they would need to invest significantly more into app development than their HTML5 mobile website. Any native app is specifically developed to be used on different versions of OS (Android, iOS, and so forth).

The individuals who support it state that this is why you get better performance from the apps as they entirely use your mobile hardware. However, this implies that a few gadgets and operating systems will be ignored as the apps are developed and upgraded without keeping these things in mind.

Another key benefit is that HTML5 is compatible with any browser or device, irrespective of the operating system’s versions or any other restrictions on hardware that might not be possible with the older devices.

Best Online Casino App

With HTML5, your development process is also quicker and less expensive, which means that the casinos have enough time and funds to make their sites perfect and streamlined for mobile players.

The way both affects the convenience of players:

Besides, HTML5 is the more pragmatic solution regarding cross-device usefulness. A few other things that both the players and casinos need to remember before choosing the future steps they would want to take with their mobile games (casino).

Top Casino Mobile Apps

Less storage space used:

To start, don’t take a lot of storage space of your device, and you won’t end up downloading slots or looking for how much space you have in your device. On the other hand, native apps will take up considerable space on your mobile device.

Apps can be downloaded through app stores:

You can mostly download native apps through app stores. This can be merit and demerit for mobile gamers, contingent upon what they like. If you are looking for a native app, search for them in your app store and go through the client reviews.

Mobile Casino App

Notwithstanding, there can be restrictions, similar to that of Android clients, where the Play Store doesn’t permit casino apps (played with real money) to be listed due to certain restrictions imposed by Google. Then again, the way toward finding a decent mobile casino is a lot more straightforward with HTML5, as when you do a Google search, the list of mobile casinos will appear directly.


Gsn Casino Mobile App

Updates are another significant feature. Whenever there is any update or change in the operating system, the native apps need to be also updated regularly, which fundamentally implies that, at some point, the app probably won’t be working any longer with your OS version. However, you can instantly access the website with HTML5, as any updates or changes will already be made while accessing it.


Native apps are more device-compatible; for example, they can make full use of the swipes and hand signals, the presentations/displays, and your gadget’s graphic processor, because of which your gaming experience becomes smoother on that particular gadget. Nonetheless, continuous improvements have been going on in HTML5 daily, and this is the latest trend, which implies that we should anticipate many new updates and efforts for bringing perfection in it in the long-run.


Though the native apps that draw-in the mobile players more, HTML5 has already begun to lead the pack in mobile casinos. It will definitely take over the native casino app entirely in the future sometime. For now, some work still needs to be done. Whatever you choose now will entirely depend on your inclinations.

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