Lucky Dice Review

Awesome Dice, makers of D&D and RPG dice, recently reached out to us and asked if we would review their Monthly Box of Awesome, a monthly dice subscription service sending you new amazing dice each month. Dice goblins that we are, it was our pleasure to take them up on their offer. However, any player from around the world that enjoys dice games like Craps and Perudo will definitely enjoy spinning the reels on Lucky Dice. Format When you first open the Paytable menu, Lucky Dice seems incredibly confusing – but, it is actually quite straight forward. There are only 5 paylines, and so players can hit one (or more) winning combination each time they spin the reels.

  1. Lucky Dice App Reviews
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Welcome to my Lucky Dice app review!

In today’s review, we take a close look at another mobile app that claims you win daily rewards from your Android device. This one is called Lucky Dice, which seems to behave lust like hundreds of apps that start with the magic word “Lucky”.

You are here because you don’t want to install and play another boring game that causes more frustration than joy. When it comes to Lucky Dice, I believe that full joy will only come if you turn that virtual cash into real money in your PayPal Account.

So, does Lucky Dice really pay? Is it a legit or another scam app? Keep reading to find out!

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Lucky Dice App Review

  • Name: Lucky Dice
  • Company: Lucky Dice Entertainment, Inc
  • Website:
  • Eligibility: Residents of the US, the UK (+16)
  • Minimum Payout Threshold: $10 or $100 depending on your country
  • Price: Free (no in-app purchases)
  • Overall Rating: 1/5
  • Recommended?No

What is Lucky Dice All About?

Lucky Dice is a free board game that gives you the chance to collect virtual cash and coins just by throwing the dice.

The game is very simple! Just tap the dice to move the pin around the board and win the rewards.

Virtual cash and coins will accumulate in different balances. You can supposedly withdraw your virtual cash balance via PayPal once you have at least $10 or $100 in your account. It depends on your country.

You can also redeem your coins for a $10 Amazon Gift card once you reach 12 Million.

Apparently, the app has been modified because it doesn’t look like in the app description. With a recent update, spins and scratchers are not available anymore.

Lucky Dice is owned and operated by a limited company headquartered in Los Angeles called Lucky Dice Entertainment, Inc. However, the developer is based in Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

It has been installed over 100,000 times and rated 4 stars out of 5. However, that doesn’t mean the positive rating reflects on your chance to win real money.

Can You Make Real Money With Lucky Dice?

I believe it’s very unlikely that you will receive the payment. I am saying this because I couldn’t find a success story after reading lots of reviews about this app.

Most reviews that I see on Google Play are from users complaining about missing points, missing payments and the difficulty in reaching $10.

The most common issue is that the closer you get to the minimum payout, the fewer tokens you will earn. After you reach $8, you will probably get stuck.

Some people say the board game is rigged because every time their pin goes around the board, it misses the cash spots.

Therefore, will have to play the game for a very long time and watch lots of ads with no guarantees.

I am not saying it’s impossible to make money with The Lucky Dice app because they can always reward users. However, we will never know for sure.

Is Lucky Dice Legit?

It’s not prudent to call any app or site a scam without proof. Making unproven statements is not right, so I will stick with the facts without making final judgements.

The only fact available for me is in the Terms of Service, which you can find inside the app or Lucky Dice’s website.

Is says tokens, which includes virtual cash and coins, have no monetary value. In other words, they are not real money!

Another key information is that tokens can only be redeemed for PayPal or digital Goods at the company’s sole discretion. In other words, the company can decide whether it will pay you or not.

If you are playing Lucky Dice, they assume you agree with their Terms of Service, and therefore, you acknowledge that you may never get paid.

That’s why the app is still available on Google Play. If it was a scam and unsafe, it would have been banned a long time ago.

Another important information you can find in the “Terms of Use” is that Lucky Dice is eligible for residents in the US and the UK only. Therefore, the company will not process payments if you live in another country.

How Does Lucky Dice Work?


Lucky Dice is only available on Android devices. After installing the app, you can start playing it straight away.

Please note that Lucky Dice is eligible for residents in the US, the UK and Canada (excluding Quebec). Therefore, the company will not process payments if you live in another country.

How to Play Lucky Dice

Tap on the dice to make the balloon (pin) moves according to the numbers you get. You can throw the dice 45 times per day. After the 45th dice, you must watch a video ad to get 5 extra dices.

Depending on the spots you land, you can get the following:

  • Cash: Earn a few cents (virtual cash redeemable for PayPal)
  • Coin: Earn coins redeemable for Amazon gift cards.
  • Lucky Slots: trigger the slots for a chance to win cash and tokens. They say if you match 777 to win $1000
  • Golden egg: Smash the golden egg for a chance to win extra cash and tokens.

Sometimes, you can watch a short video ad to get a chance to multiply your rewards by 2, 3, and 5.

You can always skip the ad if you want, and unlike other games, Lucky Dice will not force you to watch ads while playing.

Most ads are about other money-making games which are also unlikely to pay you. Don’t fall into the trap of making a lot of money via PayPal because you will just waste your time.

How Do You Get Paid?

As I already mentioned, you must reach $10 before you request your payment. In some countries, the minimum is $100.

If you tap on the coin balance, they will show you a list of Amazon Gift cards available with different cash amounts from $10 to $80. You must collect 12 million coins redeem for a $10 Gift card.

I believe it will take more than 6 months to reach this requirement, and still, you may not get paid.

Final Thoughts

Lucky Dice is another mobile app that will make it hard for you to reach the minimum payout threshold and cash out. Yet, there is no guarantee that once you request your payment, the money will be sent to your PayPal account.

In the beginning, you will collect a few cents per day, but after you have $8+, your earnings will drop drastically.

I can’t even fathom the number of dices you have to throw in order to reach the goal. It can be a painful and frustrating experience.

Is There an Alternative to Lucky Dice?

There is an astounding number of mobile application advertised as an opportunity to win real cash rewards! While testing Lucky Dice, I discovered a similar app called Dice master 3D.

Me, personally, I wouldn’t install any of them the asodds of winning are probably less than 1 in a million.

If you are searching for legit apps to make money while playing games, check out this post and search for the ones that are labelled “likely to pay”.

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Final Words

Thanks for your time to read my Lucky Dice app review. I hope it was helpful!

So, did you manage to reach $10 and cash out? If so, did you get paid or not? Share your experience with us in the comment section.

Stay safe and peace out!

From the first few days on Twitter (back in late mid-Fall for myself), I discovered a woman who handmade dice. As soon as my eye caught a glance at them – I was obsessed. They came in a variety of unique designs/colours and styles and were all hand-crafted. What dice lover doesn’t love having a hand-crafted set?!

Then, one day, Lemmie (the dice maker of Lucky Hand Dice), announced on Twitter that she was going to be releasing a certain number of sets for buying on her Etsy shop which you can find here. I needed to get set!

So I waited, patiently (not really), for the exact moment they were released and quickly snagged a set of “Deep Space inked in Silver” dice. My preorder went through on December 4th of 2017.

Then I waited. Patiently at first and then a bit less so as time wore on. I knew from the start I’d be waiting 6-8 weeks for the set as they were hand-crafted. They were promised to be released in the first week of the new year.

The first week came and went.

I sent off a message to the dice maker. Apologies from Lemmie and so forth and I began to wait again.

The second week of January came. Then the third. Then the fourth. Then it was February.

Then it was March.

Finally, mid-March, I received my dice set. A whole 3.5 months after ordering them.

Lucky dice app review

I was incredibly excited to open up the packaging! (Side Note: The seller must have great faith in the postal system, internationally, as it was simply packaged in an everyday plastic envelope with no protection. I know US postage is generally better than Canada Post, but darn, was I surprised Canada Post had not destroyed them as they made their way to me!)

They certainly were unique; beautiful and sparkling when I took them out! Unfortunately, most of the uniqueness and sparkle could only be seen upon close inspection or under certain lighting. That was still good enough for me – I loved the look of them!

They are fairly “sharp” on their edges, incredibly defined, and their numbers are very easy to read which is an absolute must for dice sets for me. All good points!

They are very “bouncy” when they roll and seem to be evenly weighted, for sure.

But are they really worth the hefty price tag and incredibly long wait periods?

Depends on how much of a dice collector you are. For the average tabletop gamer, I would advise no. Instead, grab yourself a set of regular polyhedral glitter dice and you’ll be able to have the same effect but more easily seen without special lighting. But if you really crave uniqueness, supporting smaller companies/individuals, and are a bit of a “collector” like myself, then it is most certainly worth it if only to say you have a set among your many!

I would very much like to know how these plastic dice are made, especially with such deep grooves to their numbering (clearly a plastic mold of the sort but after that, I’m unsure of any specifics) – but Lemmie keeps her ways guarded. All-in-all, I’m pleased with my dice set, but perhaps a bit let down. I guess after such a long wait time and high price tag I was expecting a bit more (mostly how invisible the uniqueness of the dice is in most lightings).

Lucky Dice App Reviews

Likely, I would not purchase a set again. However, Lemmie’s dice jewelry is not only more affordable but the perfect use of such unique and gorgeous dice! Definitely, need to get my hands on one of those d20 necklaces!