Bet Windy City

The city of Chicago has been known by many nicknames, but it is most widely recognized as the 'Windy City'. The earliest known reference to the 'Windy City' was actually to Green Bay in 1856. The first known repeated effort to label Chicago with this nickname is from 1876 and involves Chicago's rivalry with Cincinnati. The popularity of the nickname endures to this day—126 years after the Cincinnati rivalry ended. What marketing strategies does Betwindycity use? Get traffic statistics, SEO keyword opportunities, audience insights, and competitive analytics for Betwindycity. Of course the Cubs are playing the Mets in this next round of the playoffs. But did you hear that Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan took on Val Warner and Ryan Chiaverini from Windy City Live in a bet this morning on their show? We at WindyCity Kite Sports specialize in the power kiting industry and carry a full line of Kiteboarding, Landboarding & Snowkiting gear; Power & Trainer Kites, Kitesurfing Boards, Wetsuits & other Waterwear, Instructional DVD's & Books, Lines & Accessories, Kite Repair items, Action Cameras & Accessories, Wind Decorations and sometimes other items outside the Wind category which we find very.

In response to a statement.
Slang for Fa sho, which is slang for For sure; which means Sure or Okay.
(Derived slang from the 1980's.)
'All set homie.'
'Everything is set, my friend.'
'For sure.'

Balmoral Park

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A term coined by Donald Trump on his show 'The Apprentice' even though bosses used it all the time before. Now anyone who watched five minutes of it thinks it's THE ABSOLUTE SHIT and uses it to say 'YOU SUCK!' or 'LOSER!' or something of the sort.
by jewpoints September 23, 2004
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Something a real niggasays when someone doubts him.
by RealNigga365 February 12, 2017
Jamel: Ayo, ima go to the store, aiight?
Marquise: Bet.
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you: you won’teat thatwhole cake by yourself
me: bet
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A: 'So I'll meet you and then we'll hit the party.'
B: 'Bet.'
A: 'Yo, lend me $20; you can hold this bike I just found.'
B: 'No bet.'
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as in 'sure,' 'you bet,' 'you know it,' 'thats for sure,' 'thats a plan,' or 'i will do it'
by starqueen March 28, 2003

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