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A game about hearts shaped like dragons.

Collect hearts from foes. Hatch dragon eggs to increase your power. You don't have a lot of health, but your dragons can protect you for a moment.
Major Jam 2: Love

With the limitation that the game only use a 128x128 texture size.

Dragon Heart is a multiplayer role playing game that allows the simultaneous participation of players around the world, interacting in the same game environment. You may play Dragon Heart using Miragame's proprietary software (the 'Software'). Most of my early deaths were dying mid animation, or dying while looking for a window to use a dragon heart. Glutton is easily the perk that had the most noticeable impact on my gameplay.


music by https://www.gamedevmarket.net/member/make-a-game/

some sounds by

GenreShooter, Action
TagsDragons, Pixel Art, Roguelike, Roguelite, Top down shooter


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Development log

  • Finally made a game I'm satisfied with.
    Jul 05, 2020

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I really liked the game but, theres a bug. when you have full dragons ane go to the second stage You cannot get any more dragons + It takes all of your money so even if you have like 5 dragons you cannot buy it.

other than that 10/10 would play again

Dragon Heart Game

I only really intended this game to play through one time. There's no post game to play it again. But have fixed the door being closed . so you can continue playing though.

I like it, definitely It's the best game that you have done, the only thing that I don't like is moving the cursor for shoot

Dragonheart Toys

You can use a gamepad as well. Or is it something else?

Sometimes is difficult to move the cursor with the touchpad while pressing the arrows, but I think that it can be solved by using a mouse

I enjoyed this game, cant wait to see more updates !

Dragonheart Gameboy

Seems your run got bugged. The game does have an ending. I'll need to fix that somehow.

I thought the game was pretty fun to a degree despite the crash that happens on Lv. 5. I am curious if there could be explanations for what the certain vending machines give you and such.

enemy pathfinding gets screwed up on that level it seems. I've been fixing it all day, by tomorrow it should be stable.

I'll add to the readme for vending explanations. but

Heart + += max life up

Dragonheart Games

Diamond + += max ammo up

Meat = heal

Thank you. The Heart and Diamond was hard to see as being max increases as the cost made it risky to try them.