How To Play Wolf Quest

Aug 16, 2019

In single-player games, learn how to hunt elk, communicate with other wolves, find a mate, establish a den and territory, raise pups, and embark on a perilous journey to a summering site. In multiplayer games, explore the wilderness and hunt elk together, and now raise pups together! EMBARK ON A QUEST FOR SURVIVAL Your quest begins on the slopes of Amethyst Mountain. Here you must test your hunting skills against elk, moose, and mule deer. Once you're a skilled hunter, you can seek out another wolf to become your mate.

I will show you the cool stuff and places I have found in this map.
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How To Play Wolfquest

The Map

  • 1 - Wolf Skull.
  • 2 - (a,b,c) The Mysterious Trees.
  • 3 - Eduweb Tent.
  • 4 - Antlers Stack.
  • A - Hidden Pond.
  • B - Grass Field.
  • C/D - Mountain Ponds.

Wolf Skull

Easy to spot and find, like in 2.7

Mysterious Trees

Full of mystery, empty of leaves...

Eduweb Tent

Pretty hard to spot, hidden be the trees and looks like a rock from far away...

How To Play Wolfquest Multiplayer

Antlers Stack

Who left this here? Why? When?Who knows?

Hidden Pond

A big pond, nice spot to hangout(if no pack claimed it).

Grass Field

Even in low setting you can still see the grass field, cool for screenshots...

Mountain Ponds

Really close to each other, sometimes elk herds will appear nearby this area, enjoy your little extra stamina drink and go get that elk steak!

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