Bingo Hall Equipment

Bingo Hall Equipment

  • Our selection of bingo equipment includes bingo consoles and flashboards to setup and run your small or large bingo game. We have all of your bingo equipment from consoles, blowers, and flashboards.
  • E-max is a fully integrated, complete end-to-end, highly secure modular bingo system designed to give hall operators maximum flexibility and deliver an exceptional gaming experience for players.

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Bingo Hall Equipment

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Bingo Equipment And Supplies in Columbia on See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Bingo Supplies in Columbia, SC. Bingo Supplies: New and Used Bingo Equipment. DISPLAY CABINET $1500.00 + delivery charge DESCRIPTION: 2 piece cabinet (Wood and Formica) Top piece: 5' x 5', 21' deep.

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Bingo Software -

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Developed in the USA by Software Professionals!

New Products Under Construction

'Incredible Bingo Action'(TM)

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When you purchase our Digital Bingo software , you have an option to order a direct download to your computer which takes a couple of minutes, or a cd mailed by Priority Mail and delivered by your local post office.

The Best Flashboard Possible!

Print your own bingo paper!

Quick DrawApplication!

Class II Gaming Quick Action Software!




We are the inventors of digital bingo software! Our famous Americanmadebingo software is proudly designed and developed in the USA by software professionals, shipped by direct download, or shipped on a cd by US Priority Mail, and supported by telephone and email from within the USA!
All in one bingo machine, bingo flashboard, bingo card printer for from 9000 cards to 27,000 cards in commercial bingo card sets, with built in verifier, timer, blinking last ball, ball counter, unique bingo sheet personalization feature, built in bingo patterns, and a custom feature to create your own bingo patterns.
No other product like it!
For schools, camp grounds, senior centers, hospitals, clubs, casinos, bingo halls, gifts for bingo players, restaurants, coffee shops, bars, charity fund raising, golf clubs, mobile home parks, condo developments country clubs, yacht clubs, community centers, military bases, bingo at home ETC!

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Our bingo software is used throughout the US, Canada and Europe to run bingo games in schools, clubs, fraternal organizations, senior centers, businesses and bingo halls!

Our graphics look great on liquid crystal, plasma displays and screen projectors.

Digital Bingo Machines are created in the USA by american software designers! We really know bingo in the USA!

One recent customer exclaimed, 'I wanted you to know I got the cd yesterday in the mail. It's great! I am so impressed with the card verifier! That has got to be one of the greatest features! And, I think it's going to save so much time!'

We are really pleased to hear comments like this from a happy customer!

Standard Wide Screen Version - Click image for screen shots of card printing!
Main screen features flashboard, timer, last ball, and verifier!

Our inexpensive Bingo Software replaces the very expensive older electric and mechanical table top and console bingo machines. There are no switches, light bulbs , motors or wires to burn out. Our software runs on any pc computer with Windows 2000 and up.

If you have Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, our software will work for you!

Our application self installs on your computer. We like to use it with laptops or tablet computers because of the ease of attaching a monitor for your bingo players to see. Touch screen tablets are great, because the caller can use our easy touch screen buttons.

Screen projectors connected to laptops are widely used by schools, and bingo centers .

The Standard DBM prints 9000 bingo cards, and it costs only $29 on our on-line store!

One of our original bingo software products - Deluxe WR with random!

Print your own cards in commercial sets!Click Here to Purchase a'Digital Bingo Machine'
Standard Version Cd for only $29.00 fast download!

Every one of our products has a built in win verifier!

Verifier features keypad for card # entry and win card!

2, 4 or 6 cards per sheet printed on your printer!

The 'Digital Bingo Machine' For Bingo Halls

With your Laptop or Tablet computer attached to a large CRT or other large visual display, you can eliminate the need for old style traditional bingo flashboards.

The larger your visual display, the larger your digital flashboard image. Our digital flashboard software will delight your players!

The new plasma displays and other large TV/monitors provide a traditional bingo experience without the problems of old style bulb replacement and loose connection wires.

21 inch used CRT's are now available for under $100. Several CRT's around your hall can replace your old style flashboards. The built in digital verifier will run on your visual displays, eliminating the need to operate verification monitors.

With the 'Digital Bingo Machine' set on automatic mode, you can eliminate the need for a bingo ball blower. The 'Digital Bingo Machine' will randomly select bingo numbers each time the caller pushes the Call Next button. No more wires, switches to break, or motors to burn out. With picture in picture features on the new plasma TV/displays, it is possible to show Monday night football or Baseball games in a corner of the screen.

Digital random number selection cannot be tampered with by the caller.There are no cracked plastic balls hanging low in the ball blower to deal with, as you often experience with traditional bingo ball blowers.

Click Here to Purchase a 'Digital Bingo Machine' Cd or fast download for only $29.00

FROM THE PAST!Our Original Class II Gaming Products

Our Lucky Bingo 'Quick Action' product generates random numbers and random cards on every play. No caller is necessary. Law enforcement officials are pleased with our accounting features. This product has been approved for use in three California jurisdictions.

A Fujitsu Tablet connected to a 17 inch CRT with an attached touch screen provides an automated bingo experience. Our software works in conjunction with paper cards.

Our #1 Lucky bingo 'Quick Action' product features a number of games offering cash prizes up to $250.00 with buy ins from $ .10 to $1.25. We can customize your prize structure for local regulations!

Our 'Lucky 7 Holdem' game features a last ball called prize as well as simultaneous 7 game play.

Our 17 inch CRT's with touch screens powered by Fujitsu Tablets!

Our Class II 'Quick Action' bingo 'Lucky Games' Click here to

Our Bingo Card Player software is played on Touch Screen Fujitsu Tablet Computers. Our product features card on, automatic wild number mark, automatic odd or even mark, Oops button for mistakes, easy button touch pad, and multi screen card arrays. There is a WIN CARDlaunchand aka-chingsound.

email for more information!

Introducing our Bingo Card Verifier!

Our bingo card WIN VERIFIER is on-board every one of our popular bingo software products!

Our first bingo card win verifier was very popular in the past!

Now on every one of our great software products.

The 'stand alone' bingo card verifier can be used on laptops, tablet computers, or any other IBMstyle pc. It can be combined with any traditional bingo ball blower.

When attached to a large CRT, wall monitor, or other large visual display, this product will provide notice of the verified card to all of the players in the bingo hall.

Verifier screen shown on large Samsung Liquid Crystal Display!

All of the products on this website are protected by the copyright laws of the United States!

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A $29 'Digital Bingo Machine' and a Liquid Crystal Display or Plasma Display are the new 'State of the Art' in bingo flashboards!
A huge Liquid Crystal Display teamed with our 'Digital Bingo Machine' makes the very best bingo flashboard possible!

There are no light bulbs to burn out and replace!