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  1. The dice game is playable within 30 minutes, which is a shorter version of the in-depth 'Pandemic' board game. This is a cooperative game of dice where the players have to work together to keep the world's hotspots in check before the plagues spiral out of control.
  2. Luckily, the best dice games are fun, simple to understand, and easy to travel with. Hear me out: While there are plenty of awesome board games out there, dice games are the best choice for game.
  3. Dice games are also helpful for young kids which not only provides them with a fun option but also helps develop and enhance their Math skills by counting, adding, subtracting, multiplying a set of rolled dice values. We aim to provide best online dice and domino games. Play free board games online and help us by submitting our games to social.

One of the best ways to kill boredom is to find something that you enjoy. If you are someone who juggles several jobs in a day, then enjoying time with some handy Android apps can certainly make recreation easier. An example is simply sitting down and playing a game of dice against other people around the globe.

If you are a fan of dice games, but can’t find the time to play them while you’re at work, then this guide will be a great help. With the aid of these apps, you don’t need to go anywhere and call somebody to play with you. All you need to have is your Android phone and you’re all set. Whether you’re at work, at home, or even in some distant part of the globe, these best dice game apps for Android are readily accessible anytime you want them.

Farkle Dice – Free

This game is particularly fun and one the best dice games because of the trick involved but be careful you don’t play with any sore losers! It just so fun like a bluff game you play with a deck. Pig is a simple dice game which in its basic form is playable with just a single die. Number of players: 2 to 10 Equipment required: One 6-sided die; Pencil and paper for scoring. In this simple little dice game, your goal is to roll the best possible poker hand. Number of players: 2 or more Equipment required: Five 6-sided dice.

Farkle Dice-Free offers impressive graphics and sound effects that would make you enjoy the entire game. It is also very user friendly, as it allows you to set the scoring rules to how you want to play. Of course, to make everything exciting, the app offers a very clear scoreboard, which gives you updates on your performance.

The app is designed to be a fast-paced dice game that can be played by 2 to 4 players. The goal is to reach a maximum of 10,000 points by playing against famous western heroes, outlaws, or your real-life friends.

All you need to do is to roll the dice and let Lady Luck bless you with big points. If you’re lucky enough to have both luck and skill on your side, then the slot for being the new Sheriff of Old Town, U.S.A. is all yours.

With over 400,000 downloads, Farkle Dice proves to be a fun and effective way of enjoying your time everywhere. You can play against three of your friends all at the same time, and even share your winning score on Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, the app also offers tons of customization options.

Farkle Dice – Free is the perfect app for a five-minute break.

Dice Me online, free

Termed as the best poker dice game ever on the Google Play Store, Dice Me online, free offers variation on your online dice game experience.

The app can be played solo or online and is patterned after the traditional poker game. What’s interesting about this app is that it has a total of 13 rounds, which means that you only have 13 chances of rolling the dice and making it to the highest possible score.

You have to throw 5 dice to play at each level and the goal is to get the highest score in each category. It is important to remember that each category has different rules, so the scoring would be based on the rules of each part. Now if you find the rulings difficult, you can always check the rules section of the app.

Major features of Dice Me Online include Classic Mode, which is the traditional poker game, and the Color Mode, which gives you the luxury to change the color of your dice into red, green, or yellow.

If you’re the type who won’t enjoy a game without exhausting all your mighty efforts, then Dice Me Online offers you Highscores online. This feature gives you the opportunity to play against the best player in the world.

With Dice Me Online-Free, you can play dice games to your heart’s content.

Lock ‘n’ Roll Free

An app fit for those who are looking for an avenue to challenge their mental skills in a dice game, Lock ‘n’ Roll Free is devised to be an intriguing puzzle dice game which would require the players to make use of their mental skills to get a score. Your scores will entirely be up to you, as you need to analyze patterns of combinations according to number and colors. In other words, the quicker you are in seeing patterns, the bigger your chance of getting higher scores.

The game is played by rolling 4 dice at the same time, and arranging them on a 4×4 grid on a board, based on number and color patterns. Once you lock them down, they will be fixed in place. The game will continue until there will be no more places for the dice. You have to keep the board clear by placing the right patterns. Otherwise, the game will be over.

Your scores can be shown to everyone and you can also challenge scores shared by other players.

Lock ‘n’ Roll has a multi-player challenge system. You may challenge existing high scores and attempt to beat a high score with the same dice. You can also check the performance of others who tried to use the same dice.


With Lock ‘n’ Roll, you’ll enjoy a whole bunch of mental exercises in your dice game experience.

Dice with Buddies Free

As the name implies, Dice with Buddies Free app allows you to play dice with anyone of your choice. You can invite your family, friends, or even the stranger sitting beside you to enjoy this fabulous dice app.

Considered as one of the best mobile dice games available on Android today, Dice with Buddies provides interactivity with its users. It’s built with a turn-based play mechanism in order to keep several games going all at the same time. All you need to do is to wait for the “Push” notification to appear on your screen to indicate that it is already your turn to play.

What’s interesting about this app is the fact that you can chat with your opponents while in the game. Dice with Buddies uses in-game chat to allow its players to constantly stay in touch with their opponents while playing the game. You can greet, heckle, or even shout your updates and feelings about the game.

The app also allows you to challenge family and friends through SMS or Facebook. Or, in cases when you like to have something really different, you may choose random opponents from the opposite side of the world.

If you’re now revved up to start a game of dice with anyone, then Dice with Buddies is an apt buddy for you.

MegaYatzy Free

MegaYatzee Free is the perfect match for people who find fun and enjoyment in playing against a crowd. The app is equipped with a total of 12 different playmode-combinations.

Some of the app’s major features include a simple and easy user interface, Classic or New game modes, animations, and its completely redesigned User Interface. MegaYatzee also allows games that can be played in teams. You can also gather all your strongest friends to battle against another team.

Started games can be saved and continued anytime you like, including the names of the previous players in case you want to start a new game.

One of the unique features of this app is its multi-language feature which supports English and German. Top 25 scores for each game mode are also saved for reference.

MegaYatzee is the best dice app for a fun-filled experience with a huge crowd.

Yahtzee YAMB

Yahtzee YAMB provides users with the satisfying experience of a traditional dice game. With its multiplayer mode, a maximum of 4 players can play the game all at the same time. The best results of the game are saved in its database, including the best scores for the past 7 days or past month. Through this, you could monitor the status of your game progress as well as your opponents’.

The best thing about this app is its simplicity. Users don’t need to remember a lot of rules in order to gain high points. The goal is simply to score as many points as you can, by throwing 5 dice and making sure that you can collect points for each of the 13 app categories.

The game is divided into upper and lower sections. The first 6 categories are found in the upper section while the remaining 7 are in the lower section. If you get a score bigger than 62 in the first 6 categories, you’ll be given additional 35 points.

To enjoy a simple and easy dice game, Yahtzee YAMB is a perfect pick for you.

Dice Bag

If you are a fan of dragons and dungeons and all other stuff related to these mighty creatures, then Dice Bag could be a very helpful tool for you. The app is a configurable dice roller primarily made for role playing games (RPGs) like Dungeons and Dragons. This doesn’t mean though that the app is solely limited to RPGs. Any game that requires dice can be used with this app.

Unlike other apps which focus on pretty colors while having a game, Dice Bag’s main focuses are on the features and customization of the game. Users can also pre-program their rolls and check the status of their damages as they go through with the game without any interruption.

Features of this app include the result history of games, profiles for various games and characters, dice combinations, options like exploding, drop lowest, penetrating, and many more.

So, if you’re up to a whole new dice game experience, Dice Bag is a potential app for your fancy.

DiceShaker 3D Free

DiceShaker 3D Free is a hyper-realistic dice roller that allows users to experience a game of dice in a more realistic way. Armed with an advanced physics engine, users can roll the dice by actually shaking their phone or pressing its shake button. Individual dice can be rolled by flicking, and you may lock or release the dice by simply touching it.

Moreover, the app also has advanced 3D graphics with custom shaders and dynamic shadows, making it appear more modern and realistic. The app uses Immersion’s MOTIV haptic effects for its vibrational feedback.

Currently, the app doesn’t support the Samsung Galaxy S2. And, even though the app only supports high-end phones like the Nexus One, HTC Desire or Incredible, Droid, or other faster devices, DiceShaker 3D proves to be a very good companion for those who want a new generation dice game experience.

With DiceShaker 3D free, a real-life experience on dice games is within reach.

Farkle Live

An app that allows you to play with real opponents and not just with your pre-programmed computer is within reach.

Farkle Live allows users to play against various opponents over the internet. If you decide to play in a multiplayer game, the goal is to get 10,000 points faster than the other players. All you need to do is roll the dice and collect as many points as you can. In a solo game, however, you need to undergo 10 rounds and collect the same score in order to win.

Players take turns in rolling the dice. As long as they roll scoring combinations, they may either roll the remaining dice, or collect their points. If, for example, you roll a no-scoring combination, you’ll be given a Farkle, and lose all the points you earned from that round. But if you’re lucky enough and roll all 6 dice with scoring combinations, then you’ll get a bonus round, and may choose to roll all the 6 dice again or collect your points.

Farkle Live is made for fun, and to enjoy your experience more, it has its Training mode, where you could improve your skill for the game.

Using Farkle Live is a perfect match for a simple and easy adventure in the world of dice.

Yachty Deluxe Free

Yachty Deluxe Free is the app known to be suitable for all ages. It has 13 rounds and you should score in each of these rounds in order to continue with the game. Just like with other apps, the goal of this app is to score as high as you can against all your opponents.

To suit the different tastes of users, this app provides various options like its Solo mode, which is good for those who want to play individually. Its Triples mode is also good for one player and uses three-scoring columns.

If you only have one device but still want to play a game of dice with a friend, then you can simply hand him the device right after you’ve taken your turn. You won’t need an Internet connection.

This app’s realistic dice in 3D is amazing. It has advanced physics simulation, which gives users a hint of realism in their game experience.

Yachty Deluxe Free does not only spice up your usual dice game experience. It provides a friendly surrounding for everyone to enjoy.

Now that you’ve finally taken a glimpse at the most notable dice games for Android, you can easily enjoy the game of dice either on your own or with friends/family.

Forget about all the latest technology for a while. You don’t need video games or your smartphone to have fun. You can have a great time with some simple fun dice games.

These 7 dice games are easy to learn and you can really play them everywhere. Whether you are at home, in a bar or sitting on a train, you can just grab your dice and start playing!

All you need is some time, a couple of friends and a number of dice. You might also need a pen and paper to keep track of the score – when you play you want to win after all!

1. Fun Dice Games – 10,000

The game 10,000 is probably one of the most popular games. For sure you have heard about it already – some people also call it 5,000 depending on the rule set they apply. The game is also known as greed or the greedy dice game.

Number of players: 2 or more

Number of dice: 6

You need at least two players, but there is no maximum number of players. So you can play it with a group of friends or your whole family. The game is played with 6 dice, although there are also 5 dice variants.

The game is all about testing your luck – it really comes down to taking chances to increase your score quickly. The first player to reach 10,000 points will win the game.

Don’t wait any longer and test this game now – I guarantee that you will have a great time. Check out the greed dice game rules here!

2. Pig- The Dice Game

Just like the game 10,000, Pig is a fun dice game in which you need to push your luck. You often need to make the decision to risk the points from a roll in order to try and get a higher score by rolling again.

Number of players: 2 or more

Number of dice: 1

Pig is easier than 10,000 – these are the steps in the game:

  1. Decide who will start by having each player roll a dice – the one with the highest score starts the game
  2. A player’s turn starts by rolling only one dice. The player continues to roll the dice again, as long as he does not roll a 1 or decides to add his points to his overall score. Each time the player rolls the dice, the following options exist:
    • The player rolls a 1 – his turn ends without any points (he also loses the points from any previous rolls in the current turn).
    • Any other number than a 1 is rolled – the player can add that number to the points scored in his current turn and continue by rolling the dice again.
    • The player decides to end his current turn and add all the points from his turn to his overall score.
  3. The game ends when a player has reached 100 points and becomes the winner of the game!

3. Mexico – Another Fun Dice Game

Number of players: 2 or more

Number of dice: 2 rolling dice and one additional dice for each player in the game

The Mexico dice game is fun and easy to play! It requires 2 dice for rolling and one additional dice for each player in the game.

Best Dice Games For Kids

At the start of the game, each player receives one dice that will track the number of lives that player has. Each player starts the game with 6 lives.

In the first round, all players take their turn and roll the 2 dice. Each player’s score in that round is simply the sum of both dice. The player with the lowest roll in that turn loses a life and has to change his personal dice accordingly (from 6 to 5 in the first round).

The game is continued and each round a player loses a life. When a player has lost all his or her lives, that player no longer participates in the game. The game ends when there is only one player left and all other players have lost all of their lives.

4. Chō-han (or Chō-Han Bakuchi)

Number of players: 2 or more

Number of dice: 6

Chō-Han is a very simple but very popular Japanese dice game. The rules are easy: you roll six dice and keep the result a secret. Each player then bets on the result: whether the sum of the dice is an odd (Chō) or even (Han) number.

You can play this game in a group, against each other (with the same number of players betting on odd or even) or against one player that acts as the bank.

The game is very popular in Japan and is often played in TV shows or movies.

5. Chicago – Dice Game

Number of players: 2 or more

Number of dice: 2

The Chicago dice game is a simple yet fun game. The rules are not very difficult and the game is decided by pure luck, but still it is very addictive. Once you start you might not want to stop to see if you can do better in the next game.

The game is played in 11 rounds, starting with round 2, then going to round 3 and continuing until round 12. In each round each player takes his or her turn and rolls both dice, trying to roll the number of that round. For example, in the round with number 2, you aim to roll a 1 on each dice giving you a total of 2.

Every player that rolls the number of the current round gets a point and adds it to his overall score. After all 11 rounds are finished the game ends and the player with the higher number of points is declared the winner.

6. Going to Boston

Number of players: three or more

Number of dice: 3

This fun game is a perfect dice game for kids. They will have great fun while improving their math skills.

Each player starts his turn by rolling three dice and sets aside the highest number. He then rolls the two remaining dice and again sets aside the highest number. Then finally the one remaining dice is rolled again, and the number of that dice is added up together with the numbers on the two dice already set aside. The sum of these three numbers gives the final score of that player’s turn.

The winner is the player that has the higher overall number on that turn or the player that has the highers overall number after an agreed upon number of turns.
You can also play other variants of this game, for example by multiplying the numbers of the dice.

7. Balut Dice Game

Number of players: three or more

Number of dice: 5

The Balut dice game was originally created as an alternative to Poker that can be played without cards.

A set of traditional Balut dice game rules exists, but basically it is very simple. You can create your own scoring combinations, and assign points to each possible scoring combination. Then all players roll the dice in turns and note down the points they scored, until all possible scoring combinations have occurred at least once. The player with the highest total score at the end of the game is the winner of the game.

When a player rolls any five of a kind, the scoring combination with the highest number of points, he or she has to shout “Balut” (like in the game of Bingo). To make it more interesting, before the start of the game, all players can write down how many times they guess a Balut will be rolled during the game. Any player that correctly guessed the total number of Baluts during the game, can then get an additional number of points!