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A few weeks ago, I went to the casino with my friend, Susan.

We were playing a game of poker, and I got frustrated because she kept calling my bluff. I asked her how she always knew when I was bluffing because the rest of the players could not see throughmy poker face.

Her answer surprised me.

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“You are a Pisces, so you are emotional. These guys don’t know you as well as I do, but I know how to recognize the little flickers of emotion that cross your face throughout each hand. I canread your first reaction to the cards before you force yourself to hide your expressions.”

Susan could tell that I was frustrated, so we finished our game, and she suggested that we play on the slot machines for a little while.

It gave me an opportunity to think through what Susan had said.

Once I calmed down, I realized that she was probably right about being able to recognize my “tells” better than strangers, but I was skeptical about her astrological explanation.

Zodiac Test

I have a hard time believing that the month and day that I was born has an effect on my gambling habits, so I asked Susan some more questions on the drive home that night.

She predicted that I would be skeptical, but she also explained my thought process throughout the whole night so well.

I was shocked that she knew that the slot machines would help me get my emotions under control, and she also knew that I wouldn’t be content to leave until I had at least won back the money thatI had lost in poker.

After my conversation with Susan, I did some research to figure out some more about how astrology affects gambling trends.

I cannot say that I wholeheartedly believe everything about astrology that Susan does, but now I know more about how it works.

At the very least, I know enough never to play poker with Susan again!

Before I explain everything that I learned about each of the Zodiac signs, let me first give you a little bit of background information about astrology in general.

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