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'Star Caesar' Written, recorded, mixed and produced by Possimiste in Reykjavik, Iceland. Mastered by John Davis at Metropolis Studios in London. Cello performed by Veroníque Vaka. Special thanks to my Star Caesar ✮ Possimiste 2014 lyrics 'Star Caesar' Paint me the night on my old window Light Northern sky under my pillow Of secret thoughts build me a rocket I´ll take my world, put in my pocket and I fly to the stars To the stars(5x) `cause there`s a map within our hearts Build me a lighthouse in the darkness You know that I`m sometimes so hopeless When fears grew strong, held me till twilight I wrote one song right in that dark night To the stars Watching the stars go by(2x) Over teh deep blue sky(2x) In the night so, so deep(2x) Secrets we have to keep(2) Watching the stars go by(2x) Over teh deep blue sky(2x) In the night so, so deep when everyone falls asleep Secrets we have to keep(2) `Cause I fly to the... and you fly to the.... and we fly to the stars... credits released 29 April 2014 Possimiste

dream pop

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ayyyy :)

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Adorable!!!! <3

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Stunning cellos,strings...excellent instrumentation!

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Stars Cars

Sooo UPLIFTING...beautifully innocent,star gazing wonderous!Beautiful voice Possi - you have a great range! Lovely clear notes,and a bell like quality...this is superb!You have brightened the day! and I'm sure,the night!Outstanding!Peace,light:)xo

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Utterly beautiful and enchanting.

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@spaceslab-go: Thank you so much:)

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@digitalwarz: Thank you:)

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very cool track

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Stars To Caesar


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@caalamus: Heia Caalamus, thank you so much!Sentjarnarnes is a very magical place and you feel that the sea is really talking to you there. It is one of my favourite places to bike during the summertime;)

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How's Seltjarnarnes? You seem like you're doing well! What a lullaby!

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@squinancywort: Huge thanks for the beautiful thoughts:)

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@bill-carr: <3

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@i_gloo: Wow, thanks, thanks to you I discovered a new band too, a very nice discovery:)

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so so so nice, it reminds me a band named 'Shelleyan Orphans' (it's a compliment, their only LP was....)

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Wonderful, Beautieul track!

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enjoyed every second of this