Sharp Shooter Game

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When Playing Sharp Shooters, every turn is a brand-new challenge How many dice will you place, and where? Will you risk another roll? As the card builds, so does the tension.

Sharp Shooter

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Sharp Shooter

The wombat says: If Sharp Shooter from 1×2 Gaming looks familiar to you, that’s because it’s almost an exact replica of another dice game created by the same gamemakers called Six Shooter – the difference between the 2 being the odds.

Sharp Shooter is a casino table game that is played with standard gaming dice, with the betting starts at £0.10 and going up to a maximum of £200 per game. It’s all premium looking stuff- think Microgaming baccarat but with dice thrown in for good measure.

Your Sharp Shooter weapons in question are the 3 red dice, and you’ll need to use these cubed beauties to match the 3 target dice rolled by the house’s croupier. But there’s a catch; you only have 3 rounds to do it in, and the earlier you win, the bigger a cash prize you´ll scoop in the process. If you are looking for more familiar table games try our Vegas Downtown Blackjack or European Roulette. If you fancy something a bit more exotic, read on!

Look and Feel

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The graphics in Sharp Shooter are simple but effective. The action takes place in a casino on a craps table with a red background. Said game table has the betting chips below it, and an options bar on the side plus the standard paytable printed on the red table, to boot. A good design and easy to play, they’ve obviously taken a leaf out of NetEnt’s Blackjack Single Deck design manual.

Game Play

Sharp Shooter Game Online

As mentioned, the aim in Sharp Shooter is to match the 3 dice rolled by the table’s croupier using 3 rolls of your own 3 standard dice. You will win the bet if all 3 dice are matched on or before your third (and final) roll. A win on your first roll pays out 8/1, on the second roll it will pay out 7/5 while a win on your final roll only scoops you 1/2.

To get things going, pick your chip value by clicking on the relevant chip from the rack at the bottom of the screen, and then click in the Ante part of table. When chips have been placed on the red table you have the choice to rethink your stake, or press the Roll button that sets off play.

First, the Sharp Shooter croupier will roll 3 blue dice and next it’s your turn to try and match it. If you don’t manage to beat the house after all 3 rounds you can have another crack at the Sharp Shooter action by repeating your previous stake, doubling it or starting all oer again with a fresh bet.

There is also a Bet History tab where you can see all your previous wins and losses, plus the option to Turbo Roll, which means the game will automatically roll all 3 of your turns at once. Which is ideal if you’re an impatient gambler like this Wombat…

Sharp shooter games online

Sharp Shooter On Mobile

Fancy a cheeky throw of the dice while you’re on the move? The you’re in luck Wombat Fans as this game is playable on all of your smartphone or tablet device with iOS or Android platform.


Who would have thought that a simple dice game could be so much fn? Not us here at Wombat Towers, that’s for sure. But, as they say, ‘you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover’, and Sharp Shooter is case in point. It’s a fun, easy game that pays out rather handsomely if you match all 3 dice on the first roll, so if you’re tired of the same old online Blackjack games, you should give it a go…

Wombat Score: 4/5