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Is there any fantasy beast more epic and more iconic than the dragon? Some fly, some swim, and some breath fire (or water, smoke, ice, or just pure magic). You can conquer, tame, play as, or with, all of them right here in this category of free games.

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  • Go back to ancient times, battle in medieval adventures, and cast spells in our dragon games. You can take journeys through dangerous forests, slaying every angry fire-breathers in your path. is an epic combination of and sea monsters. You control an epic sea dragon that needs to grow bigger and dominate the entire sea. Play online!

Play it online!
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  • Game perspective is a competitive snake-inspired game. Similar to Little Big Snake. You play a mythical monster living in depths of seas, fighting for survival among others of its kind.

Devour aquatic beings (fish, plankton orbs) to grow longer and larger.

The greater your mass is, the greater threat you are to other sea dragons. Make sure to watch out for the other sea dragons! Jump into this brilliant and fun multiplayer game today and start slithering!

Fulfill quests to earn new cards presenting different sea dragon species.

The controls are simply:

Leafy Sea Dragon Games

Move your mouse cursor to lead your dragon’s direction,
Click or hold Left Mouse Button to sprint.

Just remember – sprinting reduces your mass. Use it wisely.

Your body’s length is key to survival. The longer you are, the wider are your possibilities on getting other dragons in a trap. But be careful – regardless of mass you achieve, avoid colliding your head with others’ bodies. Single impact means defeat.

Collect cards to unlock new species and level up owned ones. The higher is level of your favourite dragon, the longer body you start with.

Title:Sea Dragon
Authors:Wayne Westmoreland and Terry Gilman
Publisher:Adventure International
Compatibility:Model I and III, disk and tape

Adventure International advertisement from the March 1983 issue of 80-U.S. Journal

Sea Dragon, written by Wayne Westmoreland and Terry Gilman, was one of the most popular games for the TRS-80. It was released in 1982 by Adventure International, which also sold versions for other computers:

  • the Apple II version, written by John Anderson, was released in 1982.
  • the Atari 400/800 version, written by Russ Wetmore (Star Systems Software), was released in 1982.
  • the TRS-80 Color Computer version, written by Jim Hurd (Coniah Software), was released in 1983.
  • the IBM PC version, written by Dan Rollins, was released in 1983.
  • the Commodore 64 version, written by David H. Simmons, was released in 1984.

As far as I know, Sea Dragon was the TRS-80 game that was adapted to the most computers.

According to Wayne Westmoreland, Sea Dragon was inspired by the arcade game Scramble, which was released in 1981. The ending of the game (which involves destroying a nuclear reactor) was inspired by the arcade game Phoenix, released in 1980. Of all the TRS-80 games that he and Terry Gilman wrote, Sea Dragon was his favorite.

Underwater mines

Sea Dragon was described this way in a 1982 Adventure International catalog:

Sea Dragon is a slick, arcade-ish simulation that puts you in commandof a nuclear sub that’s armed to the hilt with deadly missiles andtorpedoes. You guide your submarine past underwater mountains andthrough labyrinthine passages while avoiding webs of explosive minesthat rise from the sea bottom. Additional dangers includemine-dropping ships, enemy attack stations, falling stalactites, anddeadly lasers—any of which could keep you from your ultimate goal:destruction of the incredibly powerful nuclear reactor at the end ofthe undersea course! Maneuver around these dangerous obstacles andsurface to refuel your ever-decreasing air supply—if you can!

Falling stalactites and lasers

Sea Dragon Games

The playing field of Sea Dragon scrolls horizontally and is very wide; one advertisement described it as “the equivalent of two dozen screens laid end-to-end.” The goal is to pilot the submarine to the very end and destroy the nuclear reactor found there.

Colliding with an underwater mine destroys the submarine, as does hitting the ground or any of the other obstacles in the water. Another complication results from the need of the submarine to surface periodically and replenish the air supply. This creates a problem when the game moves into a series of underwater passages with no open air.

Dragon Games Where You Are The Dragon

Sea Dragon Games

Sea Dragon was one of the original games featured on the scoreboard in “The Gamer’s Cafe,” and it was often mentioned in the column. Long-time readers of “The Gamer’s Cafe” may remember that Sea Dragon played a pivotal role in the departure of Winthrop from the column.

Nuclear reactor at end of game


Like most of the Adventure International games, the various versions of Sea Dragon differ in some details. Several have enhancements specific to that version, such as the voice effects in the Apple II and TRS-80 Color Computer versions. (And who can forget the dancing sailor from the title screen of the Color Computer version!) But the game play and the look of the games remained quite close to the TRS-80 original.

Sea Dragon for the Apple II

Sea Dragon Games To Play

Sea Dragon for the Color Computer

Sea Dragon Io

Sea Dragon for the Commodore 64

In 1995, Wayne Westmoreland released all of their TRS-80 games into the public domain. You can download Sea Dragon and all of their other games here:

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