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Step 3: Wait for Restoration Confirmation E-mail from PlayOnline PlayOnline will contact you by e-mail with the result of the recovery once it has concluded. Recovery generally takes one week, but if you have still not received an e-mail after a week, please contact the PlayOnline Information Center. Shops; PORT LOUIS 56A Queen Street 216-9088 / 216-8313; FOREST SIDE Cnr Royal Rd &celicourt Antelme 670-0115; GOODLANDS Vel Plaza Goodlands 282-0840.

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Q: My PlayOnline ID registration information is not up to date. Will this have any effect on the transfer? A: This will have no effect on the transfer process itself, but please be diligent in keeping your information up-to-date. After the transfer, all support will be managed with the SQUARE ENIX account instead of the PlayOnline ID. However and dramatically, regardless of how many variations of capital letters and key smashing I tried, my PlayOnline ID would not accept a PlayOnline password. Determined not to be defeated by the recall capacity of my own cerebrum, I hit the FFXI website in order to search for knowledge in a database, a knowledge database if you will.

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This is a notice to all customers who use a Square Enix Software Token (Software Token).
If you are using a Software Token on your smartphone and decide to switch to a new phone or update your device's operating system, or you have deleted your Software Token application, you will need to use your Software Token’s Emergency Removal Password to remove your Software Token from the old device, after which you must re-register the token to your new device. If you are planning on switching phones or deleting the application, please be sure you have your Emergency Removal Password at hand first.
*In the case you cannot perform an emergency removal of the Software Token, you will no longer be able to log in to or use the various services related to your applicable Square Enix account.
How to confirm your Software Token Emergency Removal Password
(1) Log in to the Square Enix Account Management System.
Square Enix Account Management System:
(2) After you have logged into the Square Enix Account Management System, your Emergency Removal Password will be displayed under “Token Usage Status” below the “Square Enix Account Information” section at the right side of the screen.
*The Emergency Removal Password is a one-time password that changes after each use. After you have used it, you must log into the Square Enix Account Management System again to obtain your new one-time Emergency Removal Password.
Before you switch phones or delete the application, please be sure to follow the above steps to confirm and store your Emergency Removal Password in a safe place. After you have switched phones or deleted your application, this password will be necessary to perform the Emergency Removal of the Software Token registered to your old device.
How to perform an emergency removal of your Software Token
(1) Go to the Software Token Emergency Removal page and enter your Square Enix ID and password and your Emergency Removal Password.
Software Token Emergency Removal page:
(2) An email containing the Software Token removal URL will be sent to the email address registered to your Square Enix account.
(3) Click on the URL to remove your Software Token.
* Note that the URL will expire after 60 minutes. Please be sure to click on it and complete the removal of your Software Token before it expires.
How to Re-register your Software Token
(1) Log into the Square Enix Account Management System with the Square Enix account you wish to register your Software Token to.
Square Enix Account Management System:
(2) Open the “One-Time Password” page found below the “Services and Options” category.
(3) Select “Configure Software Token Application” at the bottom of the page and choose “Software Token Registration.”
(4) Select either “Software Token for iPhone and iPod touch” or “Software Token for Android” depending on the type of operating system installed on your device.
(You will be taken to the AppStore or GooglePlay website according to your selection.)
* Please do not close the Square Enix Account Management System window as you will need to come back to it later.
* Once your application finishes downloading, please return to the Square Enix Account Management System window and continue with the steps below.
(5) Click on “Next” in the “Software Token Registration” page.
(6) Carefully review the terms of use and click on “Agree to Agreement and Send Confirmation Mail.”
(7) A registration password will be sent to the email address registered to your Square Enix account.
(8) Launch the application after it has been installed, choose your language, and then enter your Square Enix ID, registered date of birth, and the registration password that was sent to you. This will complete the Software Token registration.
* Please be aware that the Software Token registration cannot be completed until you enter your Square Enix ID, date of birth, and registration password into the application.
* The registration password will expire after 60 minutes. If your password expires, you must restart the re-registration process from step 1.
* The “Registration Password” refers to the password that is sent to the email address registered to your Square Enix account in step 7. Please use caution as it is not the same as your Square Enix account password.
If you have lost your Emergency Removal Password or are unable to perform the emergency removal of the Software Token yourself, the Support Center will be able to remove it for you once account ownership is verified. Please review the FAQ below for further details.
How do I remove the Square Enix Security Token from my account?
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the steps described in this announcement, please contact the Square Enix Support Center.
Square Enix Support Center

Playonline Id Password

09-22-2012, 09:08 AM

Playonline Password Recovery

I tried to reactive my account from a year ago. After going through what has honestly been the most frustrating Web experience I've ever had just to get so far as to post here, I can't even log in to the game.
I keep getting an error in the PlayOnline Viewer that states: 'Incorrect PlayOnline ID or password.' My PlayOnline ID and password are both correct. I checked it over and over. My Square Enix Account ID and password are both correct as well.
I also tried resetting my both my PlayOnline Password and my PlayOnline Mail Password via the Square Enix Account Management System. That didn't fix it. Finally, I submitted a ticket via their support system and I haven't heard anything back. Not even an automatic reply. It's been a week.
Would someone be able to tell me precisely what I need to do in order to play this game? As it stands, I had to pay $12.95 just so I could post on this board.