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Jumanji online slots features and bonuses. Jumanji is a five-reel online video slots game with a 3-4-5-4-3 format and 36 paylines. The game comes with animal symbols, the Lion symbol having the highest value, and the letters A, K, Q and J. Apart from the Wild and Scatter symbols, Jumanji offers fantastic slots features, all with their. Watch Jumanji: The Next Level 2019 in full HD online, free Jumanji: The Next Level streaming with English subtitle. Jumanji Casino list - Where to play Jumanji slot for Real Money Online? EnergyWin Casino.

The game of Jumanji has managed to get into the internet. It created its own website game with a free trial to trick the next generation of gamers into a life and death game. You will make a character of your normal person who plays the game then you can adopt an avatar or make a new one pending approval. Unite in adventure and laughter in the action-packed game of Jumanji, the ultimate challenge for those who seek to leave their world behind. Play online, split-screen or with AI teammates, and combine the unique abilities of Dr. Bravestone, Ruby, Mouse and Prof. Oberon to defeat your foes and save the day!

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  • A game for those who seek to find…a way to leave their world behind.
  • This family game is really wild.
  • Play the game that pursues you.

Ever heard of a game called Jumanji? We’re sure you have by now. Well, if you’re interested in the Jumanji game board, you’re in the RIGHT place. For people who love board games Jumanji game players will tell you that it’s actually great to play for real. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is the third Jumanji’s new monopoly-style video game for android but it’s also a blast to play the actual board in front of you. We’ve featured a special edition bundled with the Jumanji game below and it’s a blast. Learn more about accessori board games Jumanji game english version in our review!


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In actuality, the movie and the game both were based on a children’s book that was written in 1981 by Chris Van Allsburg. The movie was made from the picture book first, and then the board game followed suit. Since then, playing in the Jumanji game board has seen several versions to keep it fresh and exciting for modern audiences, but the basics have remained the same.

If you’re a big fan of Jumanji as a movie or you’re just looking for something interesting to bring home for your board game shelf, you’re in luck. In this article, we’ll break down this Jumanji action strategy board game and help you better understand how it’s played and what to expect from buying it for yourself or your family. This way, you can determine whether or not this Jumanji action strategy board game product is right for you.

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Jumanji The Board Game Review

This fun board game features a box that is reminiscent of the design shown in the movie. The board and pieces are all made of high-quality materials and designed to look like they did in the film as well. This Jumanji action strategy board game product is about working together with your teammates while still striving to be the winner—but remember that it’s very easy for the whole group to lose the game, too.


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  • This Jumanji action strategy board game product is fun for a lot of replay value and is sure to be requested again and again.
  • The rules of the game are easy to pick up.
  • Cons

  • Some games may arrive missing pieces.
  • This Jumanji action strategy board game product is a replica of the original board game, so it is not the original 1995 edition.