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If you’re worried about how much you're spending on gambling, then there is lots of support out there to help you. Including banks.

Can Banks Block Gambling Transactions

format_quoteThe block is designed to prevent problem gamblers from betting money which they can not afford to lose format_quote

Many banks are now working on plans to help customers restrict their spending on gambling, offering gambling blocking solutions, with some banks allowing customers to 'turn off' payments to certain types of retailer, including gambling services.

What is the Gambling Block?

While each scheme works in their own way, fundamentally they all operate the same. The gambling block is a feature that allows you to block your bank account/bank card/credit card from being used for gambling transactions.

Which banks offer a Gambling Blocking Services?

Royal Bank of Scotland

Offers a card locking feature to customers which include a blocker specifically for gambling transactions.

Lloyds Bank

A feature within their banking app, which lets customers quickly freeze and unfreeze different types of transaction on their debit or credit cards. As well as offering their customers access to Gamban.


Offers customers various useful tools and support such as; financial tracking, personal support and advice and access to Gamban licences to block online gambling.

Bank of Scotland

Offers a card freezing feature, which, include a blocker specifically for gambling transactions.


Allows customers to keep track of their bills and spending by using their Online Card Services.


Allows customers to voluntarily add or remove gambling restrictions on their debit cards or credit cards (including Pay by Bank app). HSBC also offers a 'Cool Off Period', this means that customers can opt to lift the gambling restriction, but transactions will still be declined until the 'Cool Off Period' has completed.


Allows customers to block gambling transactions on their Monzo account, straight from the app. To turn off the block, customers will need to talk to Monzo's customer support team. Where they'll ask questions to see if their situation has changed since first switching on the restrictions.


Allows customers to block online payments, including gambling transactions, easily from their banking app.

Gambling Blog Sites


Offers customers a card locking feature, which includes a gambling transactions blocker, within the banking app.


Allows customers to block debit card payments to certain types of merchants, including gambling websites and apps, within their banking app.


Allows customers to block specific transaction types without freezing their Mastercard entirely (iOS devices only, coming soon for Android).

Why are banks doing this?

People who have gambling problems and decide to stop can choose to self-exclude from gambling, use software to block online gambling sites and self-exclude physically from betting shops and casinos. While these are all helpful ways for people to get support, many banks believe they can do more to support self-exclusion too.

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First Things First

You’ll need a creative name for your blog. There are blog name generators that you can use to a unique name to use. Make sure the name is easy to remember, and it can include your target keyword if possible. The name shouldn’t be long and hard to type.

Also, ensure you get a reliable hosting service provider. Keep mind that your blog host also determines your site speed, which today is an important ranking factor in SERPs, or Search Engine Results Pages.

There are a lot of blogging platforms out there, but WordPress is by far the most popular option. It’s flexible with great functionality and a large community to help you whenever you get stuck. Plus, it has some of the favorite SEO tools, such as Yoast SEO plugin, to help optimize your blog and posts.

Creating Gambling Content

At this point, you understand that you’re creating niche specific content. Ideally, your content should appeal to casino and bingo enthusiasts. Plus, it helps to understand your target audience.

The Best Online Gambling Site

You can cover some of the popular jackpots or tips on how to win a simply bingo jackpot. Writing content on some of the popular and favorite casino games, such as Enchanted Prince, Fireworks Frenzy, and Shaman’s Dreams, is also creative.

You should try to find something that you love about gambling to make your content interesting. Gossips and the social scene stuff are also a great way to add character to your blog.

Online slots are gaining popularity, and they can be a good topic to blog about.

Monetizing Your Blog

The first thing that people think about when starting a blog is monetization. Well, it’s a great thing, but your blog needs to gain traction first.

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If you’ve got a reasonable amount of traffic, you can try affiliate marketing. With this method, you simply need to place ads for online gaming or gambling websites on your blog. is a great example of an affiliate network that offers such programs. In this case, you earn commissions.

Or, you can try banner ads. With banners, you charge your clients a fixed amount to place their ads on your blog. Banner rates vary depending on the placement and size of the ad. Selling text link ads is also an ideal way of growing your revenue.

Start Your Gambling Blog!

One thing to keep in mind is that starting a blog and running a blog are two different things. Most people usually give up after a few months of running their blogs. At the onset, it’s usually a slow process, but it picks up eventually with persistence and consistency.

To avoid suffering the same fate, ensure you have fresh ideas for your content. Plus, you should also find time for writing the posts. If not, you can use a reliable blog writing service to help fill your blog.

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