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Why play online casinos?

For players that have only played in land-based casinos, the advantages of online casino gaming may not be immediately obvious. If you are interested in knowing what makes online casinos different, Frontroom Casino has got you covered.

  1. 2020 Casino Bonuses. Great online casino bonuses are now available. Our guide will lead you through the many casino bonus offers. These deals come in the forms of no deposit bonus dollars, free spins, and matching dollars on deposits, and more.
  2. Unibet Online Casino. SIGNUP BONUS$10 FREE. NO DEPOSIT (CODE.
  3. The Best Online Casino Offers Covered in Detail. Imagine going to a land-based casino and being handed some cool cash at the door just for walking in. Not a very likely scenario. However, online casinos will gladly give you a sign-up bonus upon registration and more offers as you come back to play.

Online casinos can provide a greater variety of games than their land-based counterparts as online casinos are not governed by the square foot of their premises and can be extremely busy with players all trying to play the most popular games or slot machines. With online casinos waiting for your place at the table or your favourite machine is a thing of the past. When playing online, an unlimited number of people can play the same game at the same time and tend to let you try the games for free, so unlike land-based casinos you can get used to the rules of each game without the risk of losing your hard-earned cash.

Online casinos are open 24/7 including bank holidays, whereas land-based casinos may close at any given time. This is another reason to play online, since whenever you wish to play you can do so instantly without worrying that they may not be open for business. All of this happens from the comfort of your front room and if you run into any issues, customer service is just a click away.

Online Casino Promotions 2020. The online casino realm has a lot to offer that can make your gambling experience worth your while. And cashing in on bonuses can definitely prove to be a contributing factor to having a marvelous casino experience! Online gambling is all about fun and winnings. The types of prizes, bonuses and other rewards that are available with online casinos are not available anywhere else. People get online to receive these best casino deals.

When it comes to pay-out percentages, once again you are likely to be better off playing online. By operating online, casinos are able to save on all the expenses that come with running a land based casino. These savings tend to be passed on to players through higher pay-out percentages, especially when it comes to slot based games.

Playing online also means that you have a wide range of ways that you can deposit cash and play, including E-wallets and prepaid vouchers. Both options are unavailable when gambling at land-based casinos.

If that isn’t enough to convince you that online casinos are the future, often be able to take advantage of an exclusive online bonus or promotion when you make your first deposit.

One negative of using an online casino is that what you get in comfort and convenience you lose in atmosphere, but with all of the above in mind we think that it’s a worthy trade!

Imagine going to a land-based casino and being handed some cool cash at the door just for walking in. Not a very likely scenario. However, online casinos will gladly give you a sign-up bonus upon registration and more offers as you come back to play. From the welcome match-up to the no-deposit bonus to free spins, cashbacks and tournaments – there’s a special offer waiting for you every day, for every season and every reason. Of course, there are certain criteria you have to meet in order to take advantage of all the generous promos but with some research and bankroll management, you can clean up pretty well. And we’re here to help you with that by reviewing the best online casino offers.

The Quest for the Best Casino Bonuses

Sixty percent of all gamblers say that bonuses are the main reason why they would choose one casino over another. As alluring as they may seem, casino offers always have conditions attached that you need to be mindful about. Failing to meet the wagering requirements or missing the expiry date of the offer may lead to having the bonus and all winnings made from using it forfeited.

Our Top Offers For GermanyBest Online Casino Bonuses
Casino1st Deposit Bonus Match Bonus No Deposit BonusSpecials Cashbacks Free Spins Live Bonus Claim
22betUp to 100%
0 No
  • Get free spins every day
  • Weekly slots race
  • Special birthday bonus
0 No
PlayAmoTo ReviewUp to 100%
0 No
  • Many Prize-Giving tournaments
  • Free spins waterfall
  • Comp points system
0 No
SpiniaUp to 100%
0 No
  • Get free spins on Wednesday
  • Daily slots races
  • Sunday reload bonus
0 No
Online casino dealer school

Special deals will tempt you all throughout the year and they will be categorised neatly to suit your gambling needs. Whether you opt for a welcome deal or a one-off promotion, there are technicalities to consider still. Let us look at what casino offers are available online and familiarise ourselves with the subtleties of gambling, such as play-through requirements and promo codes.

First Steps to Understanding Casino Offers and Bonuses

There’s hardly an online casino that would say no to bonuses. You may think of them as an operator’s own distinct signature, a way to stand out from the crowd and put forth something appealing and rewarding, and admittedly make some profit in the process.

First, you need to find out how it can be obtained. Most operators will send you a link you need to follow in order to claim it or a code you need to enter when making your registration. If you’d like to opt out of a bonus, don’t click on the link or use the code – simple as that. Other operators, however, may load the bonus automatically, so you will need to contact customer care and make it clear you have no intention of using the bonus to avoid any confusion and possible losses.

Welcome Offers

  • Money upon sign-up & first deposit
  • Bonus money equal to a % of your first deposit
  • Tied to wagering conditions

Your First Casino Sign Up Bonus

When you first cross the virtual threshold of an online casino, you can certainly pick a welcome offer. Now, there are a few minor caveats to observe here. Nearly all ‘free money’ you get out of an operator are tethered to some criteria that need fulfilling.

Whether you receive some additional money, or you are rewarded bonus amounts on several occasions is really up to the casino you are playing at. All you can do as a gambler is to be mindful of the so-called wagering requirements (the number of times you need to play through your bonus and deposit). Most bonuses, single or bundle, come with an expiry date that you should observe as well. It is worth noting that you get free spins with almost any type of offer, as spins tend to fetch big money for casinos.

No Deposit Offer

  • Bonus upon registration
  • Wager on selection of game titles
  • Cashable or non cashable as per wagering provisos
Online Casino Deals

No-Deposit Offers

The best casino bargains you can get often come in the form of no-deposit bonuses. Operators quite readily reward you with a handful of free spins on slots and other goodies. There could be some what’s and if’s attached to the bonus as well. For starters, you may be entitled to withdraw the bonus amount after you’ve finished playing through the wagering specifics. The rest of the time, it will be deducted from your total winnings. A no-deposit offer can easily be part of your welcome package, too!

Monthly and Seasonal

  • Monthly, daily and seasonal offers
  • Recurring promotions on particular days
  • Cash treats and free goodies

Monthly or Seasonal – The Best Bonuses Are Always There

It may just be the time of the year, but rest assured a decent online casino bargain is never too far! In February, you’ll inevitably get a St Valentine’s offer. New Year’s is often a popular occasion to be splurging out bonuses en mass as well! Operators do think outside the box, too. Hot promotions sometimes feature the Chinese New Year. And to make your stay more remembering and build up excitement and anticipation, casinos will pick particular days of the month and launch recurring special deals. Notch up a little extra here and a free spin there, it is all possible as long as you check the list of available promotions regularly.

Game Specific Offers

  • Get tailor-made offers for blackjack, slots and others
  • Boost the war chest for your favourite game
  • Remember to read the wagering requirements

Game Specific Deals

It is difficult to pinpoint the ‘best casino bonuses’. There is simply too many churning about and it would be rather inaccurate to say that one deal is better than another. Gambling is meant to be fun and as such, personal preference will play a big part of what you do at your favourite online casino. Perhaps you are keen on roulette or just tend to be a dab hand at blackjack.

Well, you may be after some game specific bonuses after all! Extra play money is always quite welcome. And why would you turn down a decent top-off to your war chest? On occasion, you may even combine promotions. Pluck the best from the seasonal bargains and add it to your game specific offer. It is certainly going to be worth it!

Payment Methods Bonuses

It is not a rare occurrence that online casinos will grant bonuses to players using a specific banking method to make a deposit. Especially when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Some gambling websites offer a bigger welcome match-up deal if you decide to deposit in Bitcoin than in any of the other more popular deposit methods like credit cards. Keep in mind, though, that some deposit methods will not qualify you for a welcome bonus. Look up all the conditions on the casino’s website and make the best choice that suits you best. Usually, all deposit transactions are free of charge and processed instantly but US players need to be mindful that their cashout options will include mainly Bitcoin and check.

Other Goodies on the Bonus Spectrum

If we were to put down every possible promotion on our page, we would be oozing with paragraphs soon enough! A fair trade off is to categorise what bargains there are. However, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention some of the most popular casino offers that may not read as bonuses initially. Read on to find out more about the different treats and perks you can get when you gamble online.

Bring A Friend

Best Nj Online Casino Deals

Most gambling venues will inevitably want you to have fun. And what better way than bringing on board your chums. A quite common casino deal with online operators, referring friends can earn you some free play or a small bonus amount to begin with. Again, the sums are modest, but still worth it. It would be silly, though, to expect to make shiny penny by just referring anyone. Try to pick someone who actually shows interest and keeps at it for a while. And it’ll certainly help if said person is someone with whom you can share a gambling tip or two.

Free Plays! Free Spins!

Casinos are eager to tempt you into new and engaging bargains. In the pursuit of fresh customers, operators will often allow themselves to entertain you to a few quick spins and additional funds. You can take off from there and participate in a selection of games, and even go after the big pot! Still, free plays will be tied to some pre-set conditions! Yes, it’s a bit of a bugbear, but it’s how things work. Most importantly, when sifting through bonuses you should try to decide whether you could collate certain offers. Perhaps you can select a few promos that have similar fulfilment requirements. Whatever you choose, it’ll be challenging and fun, but above else – you ought to make it work for you.


No casino bonus is as desirable as the cashback. It is free money drop out from the sky. We say free money, but cashback bargains are pegged to certain conditions and while deposited directly into your account, you will still need to commit them to actual gambling before proceeding with a withdrawal of funds. Again, they are a generous token of gratitude, but one that mostly targets players who have been in a bit of a dry spell lately. In order to get a percentage back on your losses, you will need to have negative balance in your account.

Sticky Bonuses

Sticky bonuses are different from deposit match-ups in that you don’t need to make a deposit in order to receive a match-up. However, they’re not no-deposit treats either. They are a sum of money you receive and can use to play but if you win, the amount you’ve received will be deducted from your winnings. For example, if you receive $10 as a sticky bonus and win $30 from using it, you will only keep $20 because the casino will keep the $10 it gave you to get you playing.

Loyalty Goodies

  • Awarded for long-term membership in a casino
  • Exclusive offers and treats with redeemable points
  • An in-house ranking system available to loyalty users

Top Players Go after Loyalty/VIP Casino Bonuses

Loyalty members are a private lot. As an average gambler, you wonder if it is worth committing so much money into gambling and expecting to make a return on your investment. Certainly, it sounds like pushing your luck. It is all about what you think is best for you. If you are a regular, you may benefit from some specific casino bonuses. All good online operators tend to cater to their customers.

However, if you are exclusively after the prizes offered to the select few, you may want to reconsider. It would cost you dearly to amass enough redeemable points and claim the coveted treats. On the other hand, if you don’t mind committing hefty sums of money, testifying your affinity for a casino may open up new and exciting aspects of gambling!

Casino Offers for Players on the Go

Whether you are at home or on the go, most operators have adopted their offers for portable devices as well! Yes, if you love to gamble outside the house, you can do so from a host of devices. Just have your pick as smartphones, tablets and iPads, Kindles or smart watches – all lined up for your attention. Certainly, you will be entitled to any promotion that runs on the desktop version, but even better – you may get an extra leg-up! Casinos like to attract the sort of gamblers who love to play from odd spots and hours. You could receive a decent incentive for signing up and downloading a casino’s mobile app!

Pick your preferred OS today and power up your mobile casino!

Rolling in the High

Every now and then a gambler who is willing to commit loftier sums of money turns up. We usually refer to those types of gamblers as high rollers. Basically, casinos put an importance on keeping people who cough up generously interested precisely because of the copious amounts they tend to deposit.

Most commonly high roller bonuses are matched offers. There could be a limit on the % of the matched amount, and most often there is. High roller bonuses truly stand out because they are more substantial when it comes to pure monetary value. Because of the bigger sums in play, it is normal to expect the minimum qualifying bonus to also be heftier.

Decoding Casino Bonuses

Choosing where to commit your money can be gruelling on occasion. It isn’t easy and there are quite a few venues to pick from. You’ll ask yourself how to get decent value for your money. When it comes to their deals, casinos are on point with promotions and codes! A bit of an heirloom according to some, codes are still widely used by certain operators. They allow you to contribute to your war chest and you will most often be asked to punch a particular string of digits so that a casino knows what particular offer you are picking.

Online Casino Dealer Hiring

Now, software improvements have made the practice rather unnecessary, but some venues still use them generously, perhaps to add a bit of exclusivity. And if you are a bit concerned that you would pass up on something nice, we advise you to take a look the bulky but helpful terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions – No Way Around Them

We are all familiar with T&C, whether we realise it or not. Or at least, we know about the bit where the amount of the bonus is stated. However, having your eyes on the coveted prize may end badly if you fail to acknowledge that there a few provisos to sort out first.

In fairness, quite a few complaints could have been nipped in the bud should gamblers have bothered with the fine print. But far from trying to dress-down the errant gambler, we are here to help you get back on track.

In almost all cases, promotional bargains will come with an expiry date. This could range from several days to a few months! Basically, you will have to deal with the play through specifics – meaning that there is a certain number of times that you have to wager your deposit money and any bonus amounts you have been awarded.

Some casinos opt for a lenient approach with their bonuses and they demand that you only play through one of those amounts. Then, depending on how many days you have to fulfil the conditions and how many times you ought to play through the sum you have been granted, you will be a little better at telling if a particular offer is worth it.

Fulfilling A Bonus Takes Game Contributions

Game contributions are casinos’ way of making sure that bonuses aren’t abused. Generally, low-risk games or games where you can deploy strategies would still count towards the wagering conditions, but they’ll contribute a smaller sum. In other words only a certain percent of the money you wager on low-risk blackjack versions will be considered part of the bonus’ pre-set demands. On the other hand, games where the outcome tends to be rather more unpredictable, such as slots and scratch tickets, will grant you 100% of the value of your wager. Such is the case at Sloto’Cash, which offers an amazing array of slot games including traditional 3-reel offerings as well as 5-reel video slots and progressive jackpots.

How To Make Use Of That Knowledge?

Contributions are another important factor to consider when setting up your gambling strategy. You certainly want to benefit from bonuses, as they’ll allow you to make a splash as soon as you hit a new venue. On the other hand, if these prove too complicated and risky to fulfil, you might want to stay away.

In picking the right venue for yourself, you’ll do well to check if these metrics are available at the website you are playing with. All online casinos that have been cleared by the UK Gambling Commission will adhere to common rules of transparency and you’ll be able to find everything you need to know. One such casino is 888 Casino, which has been licensed by the commission to operate in the UK. On the flipside, lack of information about the transparency may signal foul play.

When to Avoid Bonuses?

Certainly, as a gambler you will often ask yourself which bonus to choose. But as a consummate professional, you will more often try to decide if a bonus is valuable it right now. Playing at a smaller casino or one that runs fewer options is a bit of a relief, but when faced with the rich choice presented by flagship operators one can’t help but wonder if it’s all really worth it. Certainly, you may choose to forego a bonus. No casino promotion is obligatory – always keep this in mind!

Online Casino Dealer Job Description

You should decide what you want – if you are looking for small and incremental profit based on a skill-based game, or at least one where you can employ a stratagem, it would not hurt to drop the bonus and free yourself from wagering requirements. And if you fancy yourself a wild-spinner, bonus offers will give you enough gambling fuel to proceed well ahead.

Drawing the Line

Best Online Casino Deals

Bonuses hold a dear promise for all new punters. Try to remember, though, that casinos are in the business of earning more than they dish out on players. Some of the best bonuses out there are tailored to appeal to a broad audience rather than reward gambling skill and foresight. Not all is lost, though, and apt players can always prod the ironclad offers of any casino for chinks. And if you are more of the recreational player sort, then there is no shame in that either! In fact, you can get quite a bit out of a casino even if you don’t want to commit hard currency. Opt for the demo versions instead!