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If you want to become a casino affiliate, you need this guide.

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PartnerMatrix is the essential affiliate tool for your online and offline marketing strategy. Get more traffic, more sales, and total control over your affiliate campaigns using one highly customizable affiliate software platform designed for casino.

The attraction of how to become a casino affiliate is definite. Everyone fantasizes about affiliate marketing, I mean, in theory, the concept is pleasant. Who wouldn’t want to make a passive income from betting affiliate programs?

Not everyone succeeds though; there are several moves you need to make before you can attract possible clients to your betting affiliate site. Although, if you put in the hours, you will see the results. Not straight away, of course. But in time, you’ll see more and more traffic. And by time; I mean at least 3 months.

While there are different ways to promote an online casino, affiliate marketing has deserved its status of the most effective. Of course SEO, PPC, media advertising, exhibitions and other offline activities should also be part of the bigger strategy (after all diversity always increases your chances of success) — but if we compare investments. If you are interested in promoting an online casino in order to earn commission, then you may want to sign up to one of our many affiliate programs. You can take a browse at all of the casino affiliate programs we have and, if you decide to register at one, you will then earn a commission when you refer players to that casino.

The best sports affiliate programs are, in my opinion, the absolute best affiliate business on the internet today. And getting to work with it full time is by far the best job available. Still, even though it is a fun and profitable job, there are some things you should know before you start with affiliate sports and casino. First, you should read this guide on how to become a casino affiliate.

  • If you are interested in promoting an online casino in order to earn commission, then you may want to sign up to one of our many affiliate programs. You can take a browse at all of the casino affiliate programs we have and, if you decide to register at one, you will then earn a commission when you refer players to that casino.
  • Essentially, an online casino is a website that contains any form of gambling. In turn, affiliate marketing promotes online gambling and attracts traffic to the casino website. In return, an affiliate receives.

5 Steps to Become A Casino Affiliate

Choosing the best casino affiliate programs that are reliable from the start means you won’t miss a commission. Picking the right partners in the long term means selecting a partner who does their utmost to get the most out of the traffic you send. Regardless of the type of traffic, you submit, and that means the casino or sports bookie makes more money. Wich, equals – you make more money.

The choice of best sports and casino affiliate programs is, I think, personally the key to success once you have the customers.

Sign Up for Affiliate programs

Sign up on all casino affiliate programs that are listed. The reason is simple; it can take up to a month until you get accepted. Some affiliate programs, like ClickBank, don’t have any delay time. Without a doubt, the best affiliate programs for sports and casino with the best terms, best deals, best team and best conversion are these:

Tipster affiliate

Clickbank [ A must, affiliate tipsters and other betting systems] Up to 75% revenue.

Betting & Casino Affiliates – Must have for Gambling Jobs

You can start with these casino sites since they are new sites. It means, its easier to market these. Remember, though; the sports/casino affiliate market is a tight market to expand on. The thing is – when you do, its worth it. However, My tip is to create a niche site with Clickbank first, and when your site has that natural age and backlinks, you can aim and expand that site for the casino industry. However, you can start with these sites since they are easier to market.

Ega– 45% Gambling Commission. Sports betting / Casino site.

Full Cream – 30-55% Gambling Commission. Casino site

Onyx – 35% Casino Commission

Betsson – 35% Casino commission

Superior – Up to 45% Casino Commission

Conversion – 20-45% Casino Commission

Venture – 20-35% Casino Commission

7bit – Great Commission

If you use these links, I can keep track of your progress, and I will help you get started. After you have signed up, email me on and tell me your username and I’ll tutor you and help you develop.

Which casino affiliate programs are good?

To answer this question, you have to ask yourself what you want from a casino or betting affiliate. Personally, there are several things that I think are quite important.

First, the best sports affiliate programs must deliver high odds, exceptional bonuses etc. Then the customers are satisfied. Otherwise, they will soon choose another sports bookie, and you’ll end up with no revenue.

Secondly, customers need to feel secure so that they can continue playing. Mainly, the best sports affiliate programs make sure that you make a living. While more corrupt sports or casino affiliate says doesn’t care.


The third important thing is that you are good and can provide us with the material we need. That is; when we want to join a new bookmaker. You should write content with high power and learn some things about SEO. It is also essential that you have the knowledge and the freedom to influence that specific sports affiliate cooperation.

Create a WordPress site

I’m guessing you don’t have a site already. The best part of new technology is that its in fact easy to build a website, even though you got zero experience. And if you are new and fresh, my recommendation is to use a site like WordPress. It’s incredibly user-friendly, and you can make useful and good-looking websites even though you got zero knowledge.

There’s a lot of different ways to create a WordPress site, and a lot you need to consider when you are starting a new casino site. My recommendation is to use since they have affordable solutions that combine well with affiliate marketing. I would recommend starting a WordPress site since its very easy to create if you are new to hosting. And there are millions of plug-ins for it.

Some are free, but the majority will cost. The point is that you’ll get a kick start. When you have the visitors & when you started to make money with your casino affiliation – you can develop the site even more.

Learn about Content marketing

Let’s put the definition on the lab bench and dissect the meaning with a sharp scalpel. Content marketing is marketing.

By definition, content marketing is a form of marketing. What does that mean?

Marketing is activities that a company does to sell goods or services. Each company has its marketing mix of activities. These can be divided into four categories, known as 4P: product, price, influence, location. Of these, content marketing belongs under control.

Content marketing should attract and retain a clearly defined audience for the content produced. The purpose is to pursue profitable customer action. It is not said outright but lies like it: Content marketing should build an audience that we can influence so that they do things that drive profitable customer action.
Content marketing is an approach.

The definition says that content marketing is an approach. We can, therefore, falsify frequently-occurring claims:

Content marketing is not content for marketing.
Content marketing is not a strategy (a long-term goal with a given framework).
Content marketing is not a tactic (actions to achieve a short-term goal).
Content marketing is not a process (linked activities that serve a specific purpose).

However, it is not wrong to say that content marketing is a method or a methodology. A plan is a systematic approach to achieving specific results, and a methodology is a set of processes within a particular area. But there is a small detail worth noting.

The definition does not provide the slightest clue as to what or what approach is content marketing. There is also no implied or often applied approach. It is not an oversight.

The term serves as a collective name. It’s free to mix your cocktail of activities and call it content marketing – as long as it matches the definition.

A good affiliate team will create landing pages that convert better, send emails to readers and take care of their customers regularly. It’s not a must to have a team; you can work well by yourself. Just remember the mantra “3 months”. It will take, on average 3 months till Google has indexed your site. Till then, you should start targeting social media like Twitter / Facebook.

Learn about SEO

How can you learn about SEO? Well, the first step you should learn is backlinking. It doesn’t matter how useful, or how great your content is – if you don’t have backlinks you won’t rank. Backlinks are, in short, a site that links to your site or a specific page on your website. You want these backlinks from the sites with high authority.

There are tons of way to gain backlinks; you can build them yourself, you can ask for them, or you can write guest posts on other sites. My recommendation is to hire a cheap SEO service on a freelancer site, like Fiverr. For just some bucks you can get your site SEO Optimized.

Write great articles

Finally, the content matter! When you have everything set up, you should start to write great content for your affiliate marketing, especially if you want to make money from casino affiliate programs.

How do you write great content? Well, first of all, you need to know what you are writing. If you are writing about a casino service – you must know every detail about it. My suggestion is; try it, make money with it, lose money with it, question it, examine it. Then you know, and always write helpful reviews. However, a tool that you need to try is Grammarly.

Grammarly will help your writing, make SEO friendly suggestions. It’s not a must, but its an affordable tool that will make a significant difference for your website, which is a must if you want to rank high with your casino affiliate programs.

The affiliate marketing industry has grown astronomically in the last decade, significantly due to an increase in the online visibility of businesses. In recent times, companies have come to reckon that Information technology has to be leveraged to increase sales, revenue, and overall corporate governance. Making sales and increasing brand visibility across several territories both underscore the importance of affiliate marketing.

Now, there’s hardly any industry that does not leverage the profitability presented by marketing products and services through affiliate programs. The bar is even raised higher in terms of profits and benefits for some areas or niches in the affiliate marketing industry.


The iGaming industry has been very massive in the last teo decades and continues to rise much higher than ever. The introduction of mobile-based online casino games that can be played anywhere using internet-enabled mobile devices has prominently landed so much relevance to the industry. Today, the global iGaming industry rakes in billions of dollars in revenue yearly. For instance, Canada’s online casino industry makes an estimated gross revenue of 31 billion dollars annually, with the potentials of increasing to 50 billion dollars by 2025.

The stupefying stats have made the iGaming sphere a beehive of affiliate activities, with many affiliate marketers already paying out real big. An excellent example of an online casino affiliate in Canada would be a site where casino players can find online casinos in Canada. This is often the case, as you can find quite many of them in the Canadian online casino scene.


For decades, Golf has been regarded as an elitist, high-profile sport exclusively reserved for well-to-do and affluent members of the society. On a global scale, the golf industry rakes in as much as 12.55 billion dollars yearly in revenues, with possible growth to over 20 by 2025. The incredible stats show that golf affiliate programs can be highly profitable. Thus, with the right efforts, the niche will attract those players and skyrocket your affiliate earnings.

Home Security

Securing one’s home can be likened to securing one’s investments, which means that it’s essential for homeowners to safeguard their homes. Many people spend thousands of dollars getting their walls repainted, their locks reinforced, their various safety alarms rechecked and updated, and installing different home security gadgets. This invariably implies that they need access to the best affordable products and services they can get, which can be provided via an affiliate site. Therefore, this niche is waiting to be explored to the limits, however competitive it might be.

Online Dating

Online dating has always been a massive thing for a long time now, with hundreds of affiliate marketing programs paying quite well. The industry in itself is profitable due to the human nature of interacting and bonding socially, notwithstanding the medium. So you can earn quite massively joining an affiliate network for online dating.


Finance is a big deal these days, with everyone looking for genuine platforms to expand their income, manage their money, expand their earnings, and stabilize investments. Finding an affiliate program that teaches general money management skills would help you in your affiliate journey. This is a lucrative affiliate marketing niche that impacts value to people while earning you some cool cash.

Online Casino Affiliate Marketing Platforms


Online Casino Affiliate Marketing Companies

Other good affiliate verticals include: software and even beds. The global affiliate marketing industry has been continually evolving to suit the growing demands of sales and marketing. It suffices to state that keying into these niches with consistency and proficiency will profit you overwhelmingly.

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Online Casino Affiliate Marketing Platforms

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