Monster In The Closet Play

The most mysterious, unexplainable

The Monster in My Closet may give your child a new perspective on the monster under his bed or in the closet. Certainly, Eric Klug knows a thing or two about monsters. His illustrations provide an array of disgusting, silly, and sometimes slightly pathetic monsters. The Monster in My Closet has definite read-it-again potential. The night it happened, I had been playing with my favorite stuffies, making them play fight each other. My playtime was interrupted by my mother entering the room and telling me it was time for bed. I reluctantly put my stuffies away in the closet and crawled into bed. FLORENCE– The Gingerbread Players continues their season with Monster in the Closet, directed by Emily Borden, on-stage in the Shoals Community Theatre October 22 nd – 25 th. Emily has a big problem: Not only is she sent to bed just as she reaches the highest level of her new video game, but there’s a monster in her closet! Her friend Stephanie saw it, too.

events often take place in ordinary

Places like the little

College Town of Chestnut Hills

These inexplicable events

sometimes have an explication.

But some of them mysteriously

won't ever have it.

Wednesday 21 of April.

It might just be better to accept

the incomprehensible...

instead of looking for a reason

that doesn't exist,

since there are things that are


The movie you are about to see

is one of them.

15 A. A...

Come doggie!


Friday, 23 of April.

You can't fool me.

47 P.A.

I know all your

hiding places.

I got you boy! , I might not see

very clear,

But I can hear

a fly flying.

I got you

Come doggie!

Come on doggie!

Come here!

Be a good boy,

and bring my sleepers.

Come on doggie

Where did he go?

I don't think he is...

Damn dog!

I'll go to get the sleepers.

Damn it,

that dog is going to kill me.

Next Aonday or Tuesday.

Come on silly, I can hear you!

So come on out.

26 or 27 of April.


All right, I found you,

get out of the closet!

Listen silly! I told you

to get out of there.

AONSTER IN THE CLOSE Wednesday, 16 of Aay

The Daily Globe, established in 1887

33 A.A.

Excuse me chief...

Can I talk to you?

How many times do I have to tell you

not to call me chief?

Excuse me Ar. Bernstein.

Ben, my name is Ben.

You've been here for almost a year,

You aren't a beginner.

Everybody calls me Ben

Hello Cliff!

Hello Eddie!

Your article is marvellous,

You will get another Pulitzer.

Will I see you tonight?

Give me a call later.

Sensationalist news don't keep a

Newspaper running

Is the little things,

what you write.

That's what brings life to

our pages,

The Obituaries?

I don't think so...

Monster In The Closet Playing

Hello boss!

Scupp, sensational article,

Sit down, I'll be right with you.

Hello Scupp!

Hello big guy!

How is it going?

We were talkingabout a more

important assignment for Richard

Monster In The Closet Play

Very good, very good,


I'm convinced that I can

write a good article,

maybe, a politic theme,

something deep.

Third murder in closet,

Police is baffled.

The only reason why I

got this job...

Richard, nobodycares about

how you got this job.

Just a moment, chief,

Dick is rightabout that...

We never gave him an opportunity

he always gets the garbage.

And guys like me,

always get the chocolate candy.

Let's give him an opportunity.

Do you have something in mind?

Here Dic,

you can have my next assignment.

Scupp, I can't...

An importantmurder case

in Chestnut Hills.

Dick, 3 murders in one week,

All the bodies had

mysterious marks,

Of course it's not a

regular crime,

I think is a conspiracy

Right, chief?

Yes, I'm beginning to think so

It could be the article of the year,

Nobody has paid any attention to it,

It's all yours.

Are you going to let me

have your story?

It's my good act of the day.


Hoffman will take care of the

obituaries for a week or two.

All right boy, go for it.


This case is more than old!

Chestnut Hills sheriff's office.

10 P. A...

Hold it for a moment, please, sir.

Okay, go ahead now.

Do you want me to say it again?

What are you doing?

I recorddifferent sounds

for a school project.

Take this, it's for you.

No, thank you very much,

I'm not allowed to eat chocolate.

Two chocolate bars later.

See, you are Okay?

What is your project about?

Do you know what an

ultrasonic, energeticmodulo is?

An ultrasonic, energetic modulo?

Monster In The Closet Bones

No, I have no idea.

If it worked it would be the end

of the energy problem.

Thank you As. Benett,

I'll thinkabout what you said.

Monster in the Closet™ is an action adventure puzzle game from Tinker Studio developed specifically for the VR platform.

It combines some of the classic components of a great adventure game— a fully realized world that supports exploration and discovery, a variety of compelling characters with different personalities to interact with, and puzzles to solve to progress further through the experience - with aspects unique to VR.

You play as the Monster.

Monster In My Closet


Step into Another World From the beginning of the experience you will join the world as a character in it. You're the Monster in the Closet. But you don't remain in the closet for long. Once you step over the threshold of the closet door you will be transformed, and in turn begin to interact with the world of the bedroom, and the characters that live in it.

Go on Adventures Explore the world of the bedroom. It's full of tiny worlds within the larger world to travel to and interact with, and you will discover in the crevices and corners of the bedroom what it's like to live life as each one of the different toys.

Monster In The Closet Torrent

Form Friendships and Forge Alliances Factions exist with the toy community. Figure out which characters you can build a bond with and how their friendship might help or hinder you in your interactions with other toys. Build bridges between these different toys factions, and figure out how to unite them to work together to accomplish greater things.

Monster In The Closet 2013

Solve Puzzles to Progress Interact and move objects to solve different types of puzzles that will then in turn allow you to learn about new aspects of the world, as you unlock different locations to visit, characters within the world, and quests to go on for them.