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Emotes are a series of picture books, comics and designer toys created by Helen Lau. Each of the characters represents a different emotion. The characters are designed as a new form of play therapy to give children the opportunity to play and interact with others while learning how to identify, understand and express their feelings in a fun and engaging way.[1]

I did the emote yeah


When the emotion of all the users of the Internet came together, an emotional super-energy was created. This energy split, creating a group of unique beings, each of which represents a different emotion - the Emotes.


The first series of 12 Emotes characters includes:

I Did The Emote Yeah
  • Boom (the Angry)
  • Super (the Confident)
  • Bubba (the Happy)
  • Imp (the Mischievous)
  • Jumpi (the Scared)
  • Joi (the Excited)
  • Drain (the Tired)
  • Ick (the Disgusted)
  • Mixy (the Confused)
  • Abash (the Embarrassed)
  • Yawni (the Bored)
  • Cant (the Frustrated)
  • BOOM is angry. He is angry all of the time. He wakes up in a bad mood, goes to sleep in a bad mood, and is in a bad mood in between. Boom has a short fuse and depends on his friend Bubba to bring some happiness into his life. Superpower: Flamethrower
  • SUPER is super confident. He believes in himself and knows that he can accomplish anything he sets his mind to. Super spends his time exploring the world around him to learn new things and achieve new goals. Super shares his confidence with his Emote friends when they are faced with challenges. Superpower: Glows a blinding ray
  • BUBBA is happy all of the time. Everything brings Bubba joy and Bubba brings joy to everyone. Bubba spreads happiness to his Emote friends through big smiles and random acts of kindness. Superpower: High-pitched deafening laughter
  • IMP is an attention seeker who enjoys a good joke or prank. He spends his time dreaming up ways to create embarrassing situations for his Emote friends so he can enjoy a hearty chuckle. When things are not as they appear to be, chances are Imp is in the area, tucked away and snickering at his handiwork. Imp helps his Emote friends remember that it is okay to laugh at themselves. Superpower: Changes size
  • JUMPI is scared of his own shadow. Loud noises and quick movements shock him right out of his skin. Jumpi has trouble conquering his fears and often depends on his friend Drain to help him relax. Superpower: Electrical force field
  • JOI is excited all of the time. He sees the positive side of every situation. He smiles and laughs and spreads good cheer. Joi believes there is goodness in everyone. Joi's Emote friends depend on him to help them think positive thoughts. Superpower: Gymnastic cartwheels
  • DRAIN is exhausted and can barely put one foot in front of the other. He needs a daily burst of energy and usually depends on his friend Joi to help him through the day. Superpower: Power Yawn
  • ICK is disgusted with everything all of the time. He grunts and frowns with disgust when he is not happy. Ick depends on his friend Joi to help him see the bright side of things. Superpower: Cloud forming powers
  • MIXY is confused all of the time. He doesn't know if he is coming or going, right or wrong, or happy or sad. He does everything twice because he isn't sure if he has done it the first time. Mixy asks a lot of questions to help him figure things out. Mixy helps his Emote friends to see both sides of all situations. Superpower: Changes color and blends into any background
  • ABASH is easily embarrassed when he meets new people, visits new places, or tries something new. When Abash feels embarrassed, he hides within himself until he finds the strength to conquer his fears. Abash helps his Emote friends remember to be humble and depends on his friend Super to help him build his confidence. Superpower: Becomes invisible
  • YAWNI is bored with his everyday life. He is always in search of something new to explore, but it usually doesn't hold his attention very long. Yawni is a genius and it takes a lot of exciting things to keep him interested. Once he comes across a new task, he easily masters it and becomes bored all over again. Yawni depends on his friend Mixy to make boring situations more interesting. Superpower: Melts and becomes a liquid.
  • CANT is frustrated. He has trouble putting his best foot forward. He becomes frustrated when things don't go his way. Cant is capable of accomplishing many great things, but often gives up without trying. Cant depends on his friends Super and Bubba to help him be more patient. Superpower: Pulls his ears to change shape into a fast moving pin ball


There are twelve Emotes books designed to help children identify and express their emotions. They deal with issues such as cyber bullies, temper tantrums, or healthy habits. Each book touches on a specific everyday issue, resolving it in a fun and easy to understand way.

I Did The Emote Yeah

Four Emotes picture books, written by Matt Casper, MFT and Ted Dorsey, were released in 2008 by Diamond Comics.[2]

Play Therapy[edit]

Emotes toys are designed to help children visualize and identify their own emotion easily. When presented with all the characters, children tend automatically to choose the Emote that they think best matches their personality. The toys are used in therapy rooms to introduce children to the language of emotion. They include 2.5 inch vinyl figures and 10' plush dolls.[3]

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I Did The Emote Yeah Song


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The Last Forever dance is now an emote in Fortnite and here is how to get it. With Fortnite adding a bunch of new things for Fortnites Chapter 2 Season 4 superhero theme like Marvel-themed skins, the devs have recently seemed to sink their teeth back into one of the fan's most loved aspects about the game, which is the emotes.

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Last Forever Emote Fortnite: How to Unlock the Emote

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Fortnite seems to be in a really good place right now and hopefully this is just the tip of the iceberg for future things to come.