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They say that the house always wins and that you cannot trust your hard-earned money in the hands of casino dealers or worse, feed it to the slots. Yet the lure of the casino is stronger than ever, both on land and online, and millions of people worldwide tempt their luck for the chance of earning the pay-out of a lifetime. In this article we look at ten of those glorious moments when players finally hit it big. We have set our sights high and counted down the top ten biggest casino wins in history, with winnings running into many millions of dollars. Read on to find out what the richest win ever made in gambling history is…

10 – $10.6 million

The Megabucks machine at the Aria in Vegas was on fire back in April of 2011 and a lucky gambler hit the jackpot almost three months after another big payout was doled out. The unknown player took home $10.6 million, making him or her another happy customer of the Megabucks game, which is responsible for making several new multi-millionaires, many of whom appear on this list.

9 – $12.7 million dollars

Nearly three months prior to the win that came in number 10 on list, a women staying at the Aria decided to feed the Megabucks machine $6 while she was making her way to her room. Little did she know that action would literally change her life overnight, as a few seconds later she was the proud winner of a $12.7 million jackpot. The player wouldn’t believe her eyes and was reported saying that she thought the machine wasn’t working properly when she saw the sum flash on the screen.

8 -$14,487,759

Coming at number 8 is the biggest payout ever made online. The winner was a Norwegian player who is only known by his first name, Peter. One day, Peter logged in to his account and decided to give a progressive jackpot slot called Arabian Knights a spin, and exchanged some Norwegian Crowns into Euros to play the game.

A while later he had accumulated 11.7 million Euros in his bankroll and curious to find out what that amount was worth in his local currency, he contacted customer support. To his surprise, Peter had become a millionaire several times over during that session, to the tune of $ 14,487,759.

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7 – $21,147,947

Yet another happy Megabucks customer! Elmer Sherwin was 92 years old when he beat the odds and hit his second Megabucks jackpot at the Cannery Casino in Las Vegas. His previous jackpot was worth $,4.6 million but his latest lucky strike was nearly five times bigger at $21,147,947. The odds of hitting the jackpot twice on Megabucks are one in fifty million, making Sherwin one hell of a lucky geezer.

6 – $21,346,952.22.

In 1999 an unnamed man from Illinois won over $21.3 million at Caesars Palace after depositing only $10. The player, who was 49 years old at the time, gave his occupation as a business consultant and became a multi-millionaire after just one spin at a slot machine.

5 – $22,618,156.67

Johanna Heundl, a 74-year-old woman from California, was about to go to breakfast at Bally’s when she chanced upon a Megabucks machine. Not one to shy away from an early morning gamble, she reached into her purse and pulled out $170 to give to the machine. One quick spin later and Johanna made her way to the continental breakfast a mega-millionaire, with more than $22.6 million to her name.

4 – $27,580,879.60

Another massive win happened in Palace Station in November of 1998, when a retired flight attendant and a native of Las Vegas placed $300 in a slot machine. The unnamed woman was no stranger to big wins, she had already won $680,000 at the Palace station a while back, but on that November day she topped her personal record by hitting a huge $27.5 million jackpot. The top three biggest casino wins…

3 – $34,959,458.50


Number three in our list is a story of great luck, as well as tragedy. Cynthia Jay, a cocktail waitress at the Monte Carlo in Las Vegas decided to take a spin at the Megabucks slot machine in January 2000 during a birthday party. On her ninth try, she won nearly $35 million which she spent by giving herself the wedding of her dreams just two weeks later. Sadly, Cynthia was involved in a horrible car accident seven weeks after winning that jackpot, which left her paralysed from the chest down and unable to ever walk again.

2 – $39,710,826.36

Taking the second spot on our list of the top ten biggest casino wins is a $39.7 million jackpot that was won by a 25-year-old software engineer from LA in March of 2003. The lucky guy deposited $100 at a video slots at the Excalibur and proceeded to win one the second biggest jackpot in the history of Las Vegas.

Huge Casino Wins On Slots 2019

1 – $40 million

Huge Casino Slots

The story of Archie Karas has become legend. The world’s luckiest man and one of the finest gamblers in history walked into a casino with just $50 dollars in his wallet and emerged with his pockets bulging with $40 million worth of banknotes. Karas’s life story is a true roller-coaster of emotions fraught with big wins and equally massive losses, pointing towards the inevitable truth in every gambler’s career: you have to know when to grab the money and run, or keep on playing and risk losing it all. Forty million dollars. Imagine all the things you could do with that amount of money sitting in your bankroll or bank account. One thing you wouldn’t do for sure is work another day in your life!