How To Play Deuces Wild Video Poker

Some of the deuces wild tips are simple common poker sense, while others seem to fly in the face of common sense. But if you keep these tips in mind the next time you play Deuces Wild online or in your favorite land-based casino, you’ll play better and extract more money from the casino. Ten video poker deuces wild tips. Deuces Wild Video Poker Strategy To Win More Hands. Deuces Wild Video Poker Strategy: The most important thing to remember when playing Deuces Wild is that the four 2s (deuces) in the deck can be substituted for any other card of any rank, in any suit. It’s what makes playing deuces wild video poker.

Deuces poker family is one of few to give a player an advantage over the casino provided mathematically correct moves are played well, but Bonus Deuces Wild Poker makes potential payouts even more enticing, particularly in conjunction with the wild feature.

This is to say, as rules of the game remain in line with conventional ones — hold the best-of-five cards dealt from a single deck and build the stronger hand than the dealer — the opportunity to substitute any card by deuces, acting as the wild symbol and improving your hand, sets this game apart.

The real kicker, however, comes in the form of a bonus which creates the whole new category of three games: Bonus, Double Bonus, and Super Bonus Deuces Wild.

As an entry-level, this version builds off of Deuces Wild and deliver not only increased payouts but more paytable options as well.


…the strategic plan to navigate properly through various options is necessary to prevail in this game. Thus, you may use Wizard of Odds’ introduction and overview before you deploy, and learn more about the “optimal ‘exceptionless’ strategy,” which returns 99.4464 percent.

Whether you play for free or the real money, the simple and clean game layout awaits, with both general and learning features ready to give you a great time, entertaining fun, and healthy dose of competition!

The 10,000 free credits bankroll, ideally suited for a training session, is voluminous enough to give flexibility and potential to pursue every playing style.

Five different wagering options, ranging from one to five coins, lets you explore different betting patterns which remain highlighted on the paytable at the upper part of your screen.

Once there, you can’t miss additional payouts, adding diversity to your returns.

Other than that…

…the rest of features, with smart outlook and simple user interface, are on par with any other game you played at our website.

The dealing cards are right beneath the paytable, customary branded with Wizard of Odds visuals and deuces (2s) marked as wild symbols.

The information strip (displaying win amount, bet size, balance) and the control panel are positioned at the bottom of the screen. All controls are placed to give you ample time to focus on your game.

The BET ONE and BET MAX buttons allow you to efficiently set your wagers either by gradually rising coins value or by setting for the max five-coin bet at once.

The DEAL/DROW button direct your hand moves, while the SPEED function lets you set the tempo of dealing cards.

If you’re into exploring other poker variants available here, use the MORE GAMES option in the lower-left corner of your window and choose among twenty free games.


…our Bonus Deuces Wild Poker game is conceived with the player’s benefit in mind — to give you a fine mix of great playing experience as well as a learning tool to help boost your poker skills!

Of course, you can always learn the robes (or fine-tune advanced knowledge) by using our library of resources on simple, intermediate, and optimal strategy.

Then again, you can initiate the helping hand of Personal Game Advisor to be used in the real-time, as you play. This built-in, habitual feature serves as the learning instructor in two distinct steps!

The first one is a “Warn on strategy errors” box you can activate atop of your screen. In doing so, you enable a pop-up window which appears whenever you made a ‘bad call’ regarding cards to hold. As a result, you’re given a chance to reevaluate your decision.

The second one is the ANALYZE button which appears after you’re cards have been dealt. If you opt to use it, another pop-up window is enabled, with a mathematical overview of options at your disposal based on in-house poker strategy generator with calculator.

The hand analyzer report…

…is based on your current cards; whichever hand you choose, it pre-selects ones you should hold. Optionally, you can also do it personally by clicking on the RETURN TO GAME button.

In the outcome…

…Bonus Deuces Wild entertains through easy-going yet competitive poker session while simultaneously working towards making you a better, more prudent player.

All you must do is to not forget about gambling responsibility and hope to have plenty of good luck, which sounds like a fair deal!

Most video poker players got their start by learning the foundational game of Jacks or Better. It provides the template from which all other variants are built upon.

In fact, after inventor William “Si” Redd realized that his original two pair or better payout threshold on his first Fortune 1 Draw Poker machine was too high, Jacks or Better became the prototype used to secure casino placements in Nevada.

Still, many video poker enthusiasts out there don’t consider it their game of choice. Instead, the sharpest tools in the shed bring their bankrolls to the Deuces Wild machines to score some of the best odds offered by any casino game.

Nowadays, both the gambling halls in Las Vegas and the best online casinos out there today spread Deuces Wild by default. The game enhances the action found in Jacks or Better by turning the deck’s twos into wild cards, which can be substituted for any other card in the deck to create winning hands.

As you might expect, the addition of four wild cards turns every hand of Deuces Wild into a sweat, because you never quite know when a couple of “ducks” will swim onscreen to turn a lowly pair into four of a kind.

With that being said, here are effective ways to become a better Deuces Wild video poker player.

1 – Get a Machine’s Full Pay Rate by Betting the Max Five Coins

This simple trick holds true across the spectrum of video poker variants, but Deuces Wild grinders should pay special attention to their bet sizing.

More specifically, you should always bet the maximum of five coins per hand. Put another way, you should never play a hand of video poker unless you’re betting five coins.

Before I dive into the nitty gritty of why that is, you should know this rule doesn’t have to be cost prohibitive. Many video poker rookies mistakenly believe the max bet rule requires them to bet higher than their bankroll limitations allow. So, you’ll inevitably find players wagering something like three coins a hand at the $0.25 stakes for a $0.75 total outlay, all because the $1.25 max bet is “too rich for their blood.”

But here’s the thing… you don’t have to bet in quarter-coin denominations. If risking $1.25 on a five-quarter max bet is too high for your tastes, simply dial it back and change the coin denomination to nickels instead. From there, you can bet the max of five coins at a nickel apiece for a $0.25 total wager per hand.

Now that you know betting the max doesn’t have to be a bother, here’s why this rule is numero uno among video poker experts—it unlocks the game’s “jackpot” payout.

Take a look below at the “full pay” table for Deuces Wild, and pay close attention to how the various payouts escalate as the number of coins bet climbs:

Deuces Wild Pay Table (by Coins Wagered)

Full Pay 15/9/5/31 Coin2 Coins3 Coins4 Coins5 Coins
Natural royal flush3006009001,2004,000
Four deuces2004006008001,000
Wild royal flush255075100125
Five of a kind1530456075
Straight flush918273645
Four of a kind510152025
Full house3691215
Three of a kind12345
Payback percentage99.67%99.67%99.67%99.67%100.76%

As you can see, the minimum payout for three of a kind climbs steadily in a 1-2-3-4-5 progression. Same for the straight and flush (2-4-6-8-10), full house (3-6-9-12-15), and so on up the ladder.

Until you reach the natural royal flush, that is…

For the best hand in Deuces Wild, the payouts climb on a steady progression (300-600-900-1,200) when you bet between one and four coins. But even though the payout “should” jump to 1,500 on a five-coin max bet by following that pattern, it somehow skyrockets to 4,000 coins instead.


This is the coveted jackpot element embedded in every video poker pay table, but unless you’re betting the max of five coins per hand, you’ll lose out on that additional 2,800-coin premium when you’re lucky enough to land a natural royal.

2 – Looking for the Best Pay Tables Can Give Players the Edge

Another thing to look for in that full pay table above is the payback percentage rates found in the bottom row.

Naturally, including a juiced-up jackpot payout for five-coin bets increases the payback percentage from 99.67% to 100.76%. And no, that’s not a typo either…

Deuces Wild has become a phenomenon among savvy gamblers because you can actually enjoy a slight edge over the house when you find a machine offering the full pay table. If you hail from a table games background and prefer the casino house edge metric over payback percentage, that 100.76% rate is equal to a 0.76% player edge.

That’s nothing to sneeze at either, considering the casino industry regularly fleeces blackjack players on the back of a 0.50% house edge.

Unfortunately, the casino industry wasn’t built by offering player edge games, so most modern venues choose to spread inferior pay tables instead.

To see just how badly Deuces Wild players suffer when they encounter a substandard pay table, see the chart below:

Deuces Wild Pay Table Comparison

Pay TablePayback Percentage

Yep, by simply tinkering with a few key payouts, adding or subtracting just a single coin, casinos discovered an easy way to separate suckers from their dough.

To make sure you never put your money behind a watered-down Deuces Wild pay table, watch out for the following payout tweaks in bold:

Pay Table15/11/4/416/9/4/420/1215/9/4/420/15/9/4/4
Natural royal flush800800800800800
Four deuces200200200200200
Wild royal flush2525202520
Five of a kind1516121515
Straight flush119999
Four of a kind44544
Full house44344
Three of a kind11111
Payback Percentage99.96%99.67%98.94%98.92%97.97%

And to help you locate every last one of the remaining full pay Deuces Wild machines in your area, check out this searchable database from vpFREE2.

Just choose the 100.76% full pay table, followed by your region, to pull up a detailed directory showing every top-dollar Deuces Wild machine around.

How To Play Deuces Wild Video Poker For Free

3 – Mastering Basic Strategy Can Make Anybody a Master

Scoring that sweet 0.76% player edge requires a little more work than simply finding full pay machines. You’ll also need to know basic strategy for Deuces Wild.

Fortunately for you, I’ve got you covered there, so study the chart below to learn the optimal play for every possible scenario:

Deuces Wild Basic Strategy Chart

Four Deuces

StrengthStarting Hand(s)/Draw(s)Optimal Play
1Four deucesDraw one

Three Deuces

StrengthStaring Hand(s)/Draw(s)Optimal Play
1Royal flushHold pat hand
2Straight flushHold pat hand
3Four-card royal flush drawDraw one
4Four-card straight flush drawDraw one
5Three of a kind, straight, or flushHold pat hand
6Three deuces onlyDraw two

Two Deuces

Play Deuces Wild Bonus Poker

StrengthStarting Hand(s)/Draw(s)Optimal Play
1Pat four of a kind or betterHold pat hand
2Four-card royal flush drawDraw one
3Four-card straight flush drawDraw one
4Three of a kind, straight, or flushHold pat hand
5Two deuces onlyDraw three

Learn How To Play Deuces Wild Video Poker

One Deuce

StrengthStarting Hand(s)/Draw(s)Optimal Play
1Any pat four of a kind or betterHold pat hand
2Four-card royal flush drawDraw one
3Full houseHold pat hand
4Four cards to straight flushDraw one
5Three of a kind, straight, or flushHold pat hand
6Four-card straight flush drawDraw one
7Three-card royal flush drawDraw two
8Three-card straight flush drawDraw two
9One deuce onlyDraw four

No Deuces

StrengthStarting Hand(s)/Draw(s)Optimal Play
1Royal flushHold pat hand
2Four-card royal flush drawDraw one
3Three of a kind through straight flushHold pat hand
4Four-card straight flush drawDraw one
5Three-card royal flush drawDraw two
6One pairDraw three
7Four-card flush drawDraw one
8Four-card open-ended straight drawDraw one
9Three-card straight flush drawDraw two
10Four-card inside straight drawDraw one
11Two cards to a royal flush; Q-J highDraw three

How To Play Deuces Wild Video Poker

That’s a lot of information to grasp right off the bat, so it helps to break things down based on “deuce count.”

Obviously, having multiple deuces onscreen on the same deal makes your decisions much easier, so the rules for four- and three-deuce hands are rather short and straightforward.

Basic strategy’s true strength lies in its ability to navigate the game’s closer calls.


Imagine you’ve been dealt something like the 4h-9h-10h-Jh-2s to start. In this case, you could use the wild deuce as a fifth heart to form a flush, or turn it into an 8h or Qh (which one is irrelevant) to hold a four-card straight flush draw.

Deciding between a sure payout of two coins or drawing once for two possible cards to make a straight flush for nine coins is quite a pickle, unless you have basic strategy on your side.

By consulting the “one deuce” segment of the chart above, you’ll see the four-card straight flush draw ranks higher than the pat flush. Thus, ditching the 4h and shooting for the straight flush is mathematically the best play over the long run.


Deuces Wild is known as the prince of video poker for one simple reason—it’s one of the best bets on the floor. You just won’t see very many player edge possibilities in today’s corporatized casino climate, so when a full pay Deuces Wild machine opportunity itself, many top players will devote their full bankroll to capitalize on the gold mine.