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Gold Canyon, AZ Winter Fun Guide. The Essentials to Getting Started. Winter weather doesn't mean outdoor activities have to come to a halt in Gold Canyon, AZ. In fact, the transformation of the Arizona landscape opens up opportunity for hitting the skiing and snowboarding slopes, practicing your moves at local ice skating rinks,.


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Gold Canyon Golf Resort offers two 18-hole Championship golf courses, Dinosaur Mountain and Sidewinder.

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The Dinosaur Mountain golf course is consistently rated one of the top courses in Arizona. The scenery, dramatic elevation changes, abundant wildlife and exhilarating views all make for a memorable golfing experience. “Unforgettable” certainly describes the Dinosaur Mountain course where the championship layout is laced with a rollercoaster ride that would rival Six Flags! Most golf courses have one signature hole, Dinosaur Mountain has at least ten holes that could fit the bill.

Matched with the same great golf course conditioning is Sidewinder, rated 4 Stars by Golf Digest. Sidewinder leads golfers through desert arroyos and native desert washes. The course offers a challenging desert layout for golfers of all abilities.

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