Bovada Credit Card Verification Form

I just took $5,000 out and they asked for front and back of credit card used, ID, and credit card verification form with your name, CC# and signature. I actually didn't have the credit card I deposited with originally and had to send a bank statement showing that card number. After a week, I finally received my money in my Blockchain wallet. If you prefer to use your credit card, the policy requires you to complete its Credit Card Verification Form. Is Bovada a Reliable and Legal Platform to Place Your Bets? Due to recent laws passed in many countries, the services of Bovada are restricted.

Of all the online sportsbooks where American players are allowed to sign up and create accounts, they might not have a better one to do so than at Bovada. This sportsbook is all about the U.S. sports bettor, and that is evident from the ways to deposit, to the sports betting odds themselves, and all the way through to receiving a payout.

But for this purpose, we want to talk about the payout options available at Bovada. This sportsbook really makes it easy for American bettors to receive fast withdrawal when they choose to take money out from their accounts. But there is certainly some important information that players should be aware of going in, such as what methods are available, how long payouts take, fees attached, and more.

How Long Do Bovada Withdrawals Take?

The time it takes to withdrawal for Bovada users can be as little as 12 hours, or as long as four business weeks. That seems like quite a disparity doesn't it? Well, these options are not all for the same method, as Bovada offers several. Players looking to get a payout from Bovada will have to submit a request to customer service of their intent to do so. From there, the payout method is selected, and the timeframe in which the money will be received is given. Look below for more detailed info on the fastest sportsbook payments available from Bovada.

Bovada Withdrawal Options For 2019

Bovada is as good as ever in 2019, offering players the chance to get their winnings through a variety of different outlets. In total, there are four ways to receive a payout from this sportsbook. They are by way of a check or bank draft, Western Union Transfer, cash money transfer, and a bank wire.

Bovada has offered these sports betting withdrawal methods for several years, but continually try to improve the quality of service for each method, getting winning to players as fast as they can. All of these payout options are available to American players, which certainly makes it nice to take advantage of for those living in the United States.

Bovada Payout MethodsMin.Max.Avg. Time It TakesWithdrawal FeesAvailable To USA?
Check Through Courier$20$3,000Average: 2 WeeksOne Free Per Month, $50
RapidTransfer$100$800Average: < 24 Hrs.As Low As $20; Up To $60
MoneyTransfer$100$2,000Average: < 24 Hrs.As Low As $40; Up To $150
Bank Wire Transfer$2,500$7,500Average: < 2 Wks.One Free Per Month, $50

Bovada Withdrawal Policy

Bovada requires players looking to make a withdrawal from their account to visit their 'Payout' page. Here, all of the information and steps to proceed will be available. There could be some verification forms required. For example, if a player deposited with a credit card, Bovada's Credit Card Transaction Processing Agreement Verification Form may be required to verify the card a player funded their account with, prior to receiving a payout. There is a full verification form section located on site at Bovada.

Bovada Credit Card Verification Form

Bovada Credit Card Verification Form

Bovada takes roughly 24 hours to process a payout request that is made by a player, and once authorized, is immediately sent at the payout request that was previously made.

Bovada Withdrawal Fees

Check + Bank Draft Fees - A courier check through DHL, FedEx or UPS typically comes with a fee of less than $30, but could vary depending by the amount.

Western Union Transfer - Fees range hinging on the amount being withdrawn here. They can be anywhere from $20 to $60 going from the minimum amount of $100-$200 withdrawn, all the way up to the maximum of $800 per payout.

Cash Money Wire Transfer - The lowest fee that bettors can expect with a cash wire transfer from Bovada will be $40. The fees are higher than a Western Union Transfer, with the maximum amount going up to $150, which is charged to those receiving the highest payout of $2,000.

Bank Wire - A fee of $50 can be expected for those players who are looking to go with a bank wire. But for the amount that players can get with a bank wire at Bovada (maximum of $7,500), that fee is relatively small by comparison.

Bovada Withdrawal Limits

The limits to which bettors can withdrawal, both from a minimum and maximum standpoint go up and down with the different methods.

Check + Bank Draft - Only a $20 withdrawal is required, to a cap of $3,000 per check received from Bovada.

Western Union Transfer - At least $100 needs to be withdrawn from a Bovada account with a Western Union transfer. But if players are so inclined, they can go all the way up to $800 per transfer.

Cash Money Wire Transfer - Cash money transfer minimum payouts mirror Western Union's $100 minimum, but do go higher for max withdrawals - a $2,000 limit is set for these.

Bank Wire - Big players looking to withdraw a lot of money will be happy to go with a bank wire, with at least $2,500 needed to use this method, though extends upwards of $7,500.

Bovada Lv Help Credit Card Verification Form

Bovada Withdrawal Issues

As with any sportsbook, problems and/or questions can tend to arise when receiving a payout. And while Bovada is still one of our highest-rated online sportsbooks, if players feel the need to seek further assistance there will be plenty available on site.

Credit Card Verification Form

Verification forms are always an important part of the payout process, and there is the potential for issues to come up here, but it will all be sorted out provided that you are able to provide the proper identification. Just make sure you have what is required going in, to avoid any problems.

If you ever need any help with payouts or anything else, please visit Bovada's homepage in order to seek support. They have numerous ways in which they can be contacted including toll-free telephone numbers for anywhere Bovada accepts players. They even have ways to contact the payment department directly should you ever need assistance.

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