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Arcade Bomb is an online slot developed by Red Tiger Gaming. It is another slot which is based on a classic fruit machine theme. The theme is about a game being set up in the space with reel bombs with a number of bombs icons. There are 5 reels and 20 paylines in the slot. The arcade culture was quite famous in the nineties and it is getting popular these days again. You may get nostalgic if you are a 90s kid because almost all the famous games in the 90s were inspired from this culture. The minimum coin size is 0.01 and the maximum coin size is 25. Although there are no jackpots available there is a locked reel bonus feature waiting for you as well as 4 different types of bombs which can create a pattern that can help you win 1000 times your total stake. With these specifications, it is a game suitable for both the beginners as well as the high rollers. The reason behind this is that you can start betting with a small amount and you can get quite a big win which is the aim of every player.

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Collect Some Wins


Arcade Bomb casino slot online is all about wins and entertainment. There are different symbols available which can help you create different winning patterns. The graphics are inspired by the old school games and the soundtrack is also quite related to the theme. You would see different icons including cherries, lemons, oranges, melons, bars, strawberries, bells, lucky 7 and bombs of 4 different types. The lucky 7 icon is a special one so we would like to talk more about it:

  • Lucky 7: This icon can provide you with the highest possible payout in the gameplay. You need to land 3 lucky 7s to get 100 coins, 4 lucky 7s to get 250 coins, and 5 lucky 7s to win 1,000 coins. You need to land these icons on the adjacent reels instead of the paylines.

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Apart from this special icon, there is a special feature available for every player. This is called the Locked Reel Bomb feature. Let’s talk about it in more detail:

  • Locked Reel Bomb Feature: This feature comes with each and every arcade bomb. Whenever you will spin the reels you will see a combination of coloured bomb icons landing on the reels. Each one of them will get locked after being dropped and there will be a timeframe mentioned on them after which they will explode and help you increase your winning.

Suggestions to Win More

It is possible to play Arcade Bomb for real money or you can play it for free. It would be suggested to play it for free at the start if you are a beginner. You cannot win real money if you are not spending real money and the only advantage would be to get to know the gameplay. If you are a seasoned online gambler you should always play the paid version. There is no need of downloading any software as you can play Arcade Bomb slot machine online. It is available on multiple casinos online but you should always choose a casino which gives you more advantages as compared to its competitors. There are many casinos which provide bonus options and welcome packages, so make a wise choice.


Overall, Arcade Bomb is a fine slot machine which gives you a reasonable number of winning opportunities. The players can also enjoy it for free if they don’t want to spend their money in the start. There are not many special icons or special features involved but the ones available can help you win 1000 times your stake which is quite a huge offer. The RTP is 95%. If you are interested in classic fruit machines you should definitely try this one.

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